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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume VIII (1888-1891)

Van Cleef, F. L.
The pseudo-Gregorian drama Christus Patiens in its relation to the text of Euripides,   pp. 363-378 PDF (5.7 MB)

Page 373

The Pseudo-Gregorian Drama Christus Patiens.
14. 194. Xp. 11. 1161 a'ovsw5 for ci  Oxet. This is plainly a change as
            the line is unmetrically constructed. Codex Vindob. (V.)
            gives O'CtzOiYrc5 77,acOY 7yi7dazro. A. and B. K7iv6Y ~rx6yVc
            -   ?y7deraz. The remaining vucv a6Y 'vo5 'y#raz.
 15. 211. Xp. 1. 228 xaoye3 for ey30. Elsewhere the author of the
            Xp. 11. has not been so particular about avoiding asyn-
 16. 285. Xp. H1. 569 roi~ro V. B. D., ceteri rov'rov for roivor.
 17. 444. Xp. H. 1386, 1929 xa 6676e- for mo67,dact.
 18. 448. Xp. H. 2072 di'.dai' for odv'ixaiv.
 19. 449. Xp. H. 1654 6' for 6'. But V. reads 6'. Herwerden emended
            to y'. Also acri7p for di'7p.
20. 472. Xp. 1H. 1549 13porozg for /3porvc3.
21. 667 = 716. Xp. H1. 2213 6' for re (667) or r' (716).
22. 671. Xp. 1H. 2223 ro r'O'Vjv# o for xai rov')v'6v# ov.
23-24. 672. Xp. H. 2233 itacrcov for ztacTirco and also 6d' iuov for e
25. 713. Xp. H1. 2218 sdf 'pc3r for e16z6CZ'V.
X 26. 95. Xp. 1H. 150i-SO t;ep z 6 3 for mpiiirr  6i.
27. 1029. Xp. H. 649 ri ,u7Viz5 for rz,tnnV'8ezs.
28. 1083. Xp. H. 2259 e6ri~pzJ8 for A6rn1pzC8. In the Xp. HT. the verbs of
           the lines immediately preceeding and following are in the
           aorist. That may account for the change in this line. In
           Euripides the verb in 1082 is imperfect, in 1084 aorist.
29. 1087. Xp. H. 673 xdpcr5 for xoppcr5.
30. 1091. Xp. H1. 2015 opju cora6z for 6poj#nXa6z. This may be due to
           the'fact that 6pc's cdz already stands in the line in the
           Xp. 1.
31-32. 1111. Xp. H1. 1430 Ocdo¢6   for 6a'd66coy. For the use of
           for the adjective in such expressions cf. examples 7 and 8
           supra. Also Xa/iazpzqn's for Xqazzer'$. MSS. A. and B.
           of the Xp. H. read Xltuari pzqns.
33. 1120. Xp. 11. 2564 oz'xirzpoy for oi'zrezpe 6'.
34. 1121. Xp. H. 2565 c'r2c;vaxdaz6zr for dfapriaz6zv.
35. 1147. Xp. H. 1300 OS xalitiUzxo5, v x;o5 vi'775 ,uacyc. A. and B.
           have el, with r written above it in B. ed V. C. M. 0  7i,
           where 'rtov is plainly a gloss upon 7. P. of the Baccha3 reads:
           ,xa7Lizzxor t dcaxpvac zx 7iope2, which Kirchoff, Paley and
           Nauck retain. Reiske, followed by Hermann and Bruhn,
           reads oo, while Heath emends to ', the reading adopted by
           Schoene and Wecklein. Emendations of vzx~q~opea, which
           is a CSzaCt Xey., have been suggested by Portus, vix7b qopez,
           and Hartung, rix?? qppez, the latter two adducing the
           line in the Xp. U. as partial evidence. In any case the

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