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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume VIII (1888-1891)

Van Cleef, F. L.
The pseudo-Gregorian drama Christus Patiens in its relation to the text of Euripides,   pp. 363-378 PDF (5.7 MB)

Page 370

     370      Wisconsin Academy of Scievces, Arts and Letters.
A..,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in th                                   ,yl    , of
                  classical Greek and both occurences are in the CycloPs
                  Euripides, 45 and 61. x;oype is the form in P. at Bacch.
                  106, XyXo7p8Z with ov suprascr. in C. Cf. Wilamowitz, Anal.
                  Eur. p. 47. Hermann on this passage, reasoning from the
                  analogy of x-1dd6p67s, decided that xXov&pe was to
be read
                  here. For our passage we must assume a co-ordinate form
                  Xw077p05, although it does not occur elsewhere. It were
                  possible to read in the Xp. 11. XoLo1p85 or XLo77p6 to
                  it into harmony with Bacch. 106. There was no reason
                  why the author of Xp.JI. should have made a change and
                  he doubtless found XA;oy7p6 in his MS. of Euripides.
        1  2. 1084. P. F3LevAio5. But Xp. 11. 2260 vXAzo5. sv IQezo5 is a
                  lAey6,uevo-v. vl2tlo5 is said to be found in frag. 395.
                  Cf. Wilamowitz on this line in Bruhn's edition of the Bac-
                  chae.' And Doering rightly notes (Phil. XXV. (1867)) that,
                  vAwzuo5 agrees better with ptUXX' &Xe of 1085 and strength-
                  ens the idea of 6zya, while eI32Le/1,o5 seems an unnecessary
                  epithet of the varsy. Ev'Aezuo5 could easily have arisen
                  from v'5Ait4o5 by reason of the pronunciation. Inasmuch
                  lv-Auo5 is rightly constructed (cf. xpvdio, ,66XIz05o,
                  occurs elsewhere (?) and suits the context better, while
                  I' ' 'Aez,uo5 is as least somewhat suspicious in its formation,
                  Bruhn inserts the former in the text, while Wecklein de-
                  cides also in its favor.
        3. 1353. The line in P. has only five feet. The probable completion
                   of the line, ztcvre5, was suggested by Kirchhoff from
                   Xp. 17. 1701 7itvra5. This emendation has been adopted
                   by Schoene and Bruhn. Other editors have proposed
                   other solutions of the difficulty, while Paley desired
                   reject the verse entirely. 7rcvre5 seems the simplest
                   emendation and the only one that has the slightest
         4. 787. P. reads Xorycy zXv'c7v. But the Xp. 11. 2277 zxveav AoywOY.
                   Nauck preferred to change to xXvtco'v Xoyrov. The use
                   the infinitive in the Xp. H. seems justified by the difference
                   in meaning, as Doering (Phil. XXV.) has shown, but the
                   transposition can be due only to one of two causes. 1.
                   Because the author of the Xp. 11. found the words in their
                   transposed order in his MS. of Euripides; or 2. Because
        2I have been unable to find the citation. On careful inspection of
      the references to the fragments of Euripides in Bruhn's edition of
      Bacchae it is not at all evident what edition he made use of, as the
      bers correspond in no instance with the editions within my reach, viz.
      the older collections of Matthiae and Dindorf and the editions of Wag-
      ner and Nauck.

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