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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume V (1877-1881)

Bundy, Will F.
A list of the crustacea of Wisconsin,   pp. [177]-184 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page [177]

           With Notes on somne New or Little IKnown Species.
                 BY VWILi F. BuNI)y, M. D., SAUK CITY.
  The crustacean fauna of Wisconsin has as yet received so little
attention that it is at present impossible to present, with even ap-
proximate completeness, a list of the species inhabiting her waters.
The various dredgings in Like Superior under the auspices of the
general government, and a dredging expedition off Racine pre-
viously reported to this academy by Dr. P. R. II y, have fur-
nislhed almost our whole knowledge of the crustacean fauna of
the lakes on our borders, while the interior of the state remains al-
most entirely unexplored.  A species of cambarus (C. virilis)
from Sugar river, another (C. propinquus) from Madison, and an
amphipod, (Orchestes dentatus), from the latter place, are, I believe,
the only crustaceans that have been accredited to the interior of
the state till within a very recent period. That our streams and
lakes are extremely rich in crustacean life, is abundantly attested
by the fact that not a single locality has been explored with any
degree of thoroughness without revealing the presence of several
species of the higher genera.
  The species included in this list, with the exception of those
found only in the great lakes, were all taken within the compara-
tively limited area included in the counties of Racine, Jefferson,
Dodge, Fond di Lac, Oatagpnie, Dane, Sauk and Richland. I
have received specimens from but a single locality each, in the
greater number of these.
  The following list embraces all the species of the higher orders
known to inhabit the waters of the state:
                     ORDER: DECAPODA.
                     Earily: Aslacidcr.
      Cambarus acutus. Girard.
      C. stygius. Bundy.

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