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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

Hoxie, B. S.
A bit of wild wood,   pp. [29]-31 PDF (575.5 KB)

Page [29]

The WVisconsin Horticulturist.
Written for the  cisonsin IUlortieultiri'st by B. S. Hoxie.
Ye s. why not a1 hit of wvild wood near everY~ farml hlouse?  Is
land SO dealr that th*' owner cannot afford it. or is there no
aesthetic or utilitarianl use for stic(h a piece of extravagalice
and waste of land?
Aze frequently see articles favoring wvind-breakls a ron ilin
farin buildilngs. but these are stiff rows of trees. ine,. two or
three rows perhaps to break the force of our prevailing w-est-
ern windls.  %owv this is all iight and I wish there wvere more
of these wvilnd-brealks in this vesterln coulntlry bt al roullnd lhouv
iIIILY hIoIIeS in the countrv do Vou ever see a bit of wild wvood?
To one who looks on the wide expanse of prairie and tield
as the place to coin the dollars in corn and graill. thlere imay
j-rllalps be no beauity in livillg trees and climbing viynes: anld
thlereare solmle even who see no beauty in flowers until a dear
friend (ldies. and then sometimes thlev are the miost lavish with
tioral offerings.
For my wild vood I do not ask for a large plat of groulnd.
becallse I wvant it near the house. ()ne-fourth of an acre, or
even less, is better than nothing. and in planting this out I
would lhave no set rule, but wouild put in every kind of tree.
lbush or shrub about as nature would plant them.ll for I have
seen in Wisconsin more than twentv different varieties of
trees and shrubs growing on less than one acre. besides al-
most an innumerable number of little plants. Collect all the
varieties von c'an from your nearest wood lots and make the
beginnincg with those varieties of larger grow t.l thait need
the sunlight and air, that can stand the storms and ivillds
and when these are established then do the other plamitinig.
Th9e Nvork, you wvill see, does not all want to be done in one
year. amd it is best that it should not be: get it started and

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