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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

Secretary's notes,   pp. 21-27 PDF (1.4 MB)

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than its parent. the Duchess. The fruit is better in (lui:litV-
atnid vcirv liandsoie; foliage excellent. but three d(Ils after
Mr. harris W as here it begaiin lo drop badly, wNhich is mulch1
agt'ainst its being stronglY reconmllended.  The (Cook apple
flr n Oconto on Vir-inia ne Xt attracted (J1ll' attention. Its'
n oii(n11f III gro-Wth is a sigllt-P1igl-t to nine feet in thre.' vc;a s--
but thle fruit is too earli to make it valuable. Tt is evidently
a seedling of the Tetofski, which it resembles in leaf and fruit.
Next we visited bearing trees of the Wolf River and Wiscon-
sin Spy. both are somnewhat         lid%. The next trees to which
I called my visitor's attention vere two of the Thompson seed-
lings from Iowa and the Okabena. all beaiing.  The latter
Mu-. Ilarris thinks verv fai of as it is a good tree. a
hI;undsoune apple and lkeelps (quite a while longer than the
Duchess. He thinks it a profitable apple to plant and places
it in the list of the six best for planting for profit. Next we
sawv the lUtter bearing heavy, and fruit fine on both the Peach
apple tree and on the Whitnev No. Tnwentv. To give a descrip-
tion of all the voung top wor-ked trees we examined would
talke too niuch time. MIr. Harris was much pleased with a
newv top of Mr. Zettle's Sevastopol Nhich I have persuaded to
grow onl a Virginia. He also admired my row of the London
raspberries, and was surprised at the wonderful growth of
my (Colunibians. this year's growtlL as large as a broom handle,
andl before stopping to rest -e visited some top worked trees
of the Haas which was done in nursery bv Uncle WMilcox of
La Crosse. They are large and bearing heavy, while others
set at same time of same variety on their own roots are dead
and goone. Last but not bv any means least we visited my
first top worked tree of Whitney No. Twenty on a Transcen-
dent stock. It is from twentv-five to thirty feet high and
is carrvling about fifteen bushels of apples.  The next tree
visited, which. MNr. Harris said amply iepaid him for his trouble
in coining. and with which I will endeavor to close this nar-
rative. was mv first top worked tree on the Virginia crab. It
is bearing its tenth crop. e'onsisting of about a barrel of MIc-
M1alhon over a barrel of Wolf River and about three barrels
of U-tter's Red. It is a sighlt but none of the limbs have vet

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