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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

Manwell, Allan D.
Renovating the old strawberry bed,   p. 20 PDF (188.5 KB)

Eddy, J. C.
An easy way to irrigate,   p. 20 PDF (188.5 KB)

Page 20

_As sOOnI as tile lbed is dlone fruiting. mnmov with an ordinary
1IIO\ilwng mac;I'hillne, and a111vo tlle plants to lie for three or four
(dlvS, mitil the leaves becomle tlioroughly dly. Stack upl) the
51l'l\V 01' I1i mulch betweell tle rows. beinl  carefill not to sCet-
ter it too llelvily (oil tile rovs. AWhei all is well dried, and
a1 g(m  breeze is bl)iiwjg. fromll thle proper quarter. set it onl
ti ic.  'the tire ,liust rn rapidly over tlle latch, so as not to
kiill the IOOtS of tile 1dailnts. As sooll as it has burned o\ver,
1 egill c iilti\ltilng betweell III( rmws.  'Nalrrow  thlese  r(ws
dow-vn to onle foot ill widthi. After cultivatilig. thlorouglb drog
the field.  Loosen  ll) thie soil about thie pllilts and level the
u0n 0illd.  After this. cultivate once a w eek. thle sae as plants
Set ill illc sprillg.  A  tol-dr'esisig of well rotted nmaire is
also \elrv beiieticial at this seasoIl iof tile yea i. as it p1roliiotes
ai g(Iod heialthiv growt hi of vines for thie Iext s(iasOIl 5'0 crop.
Renlemiber to cultivate ;it Onle ;Iftei buriiilng,. as the ashes are
still oil te glrouild and will aid lwinlticiall' ill fertilizillg lile
iiext (ear1s 1C11). If neglec(ted for SO11W (LIa!S, thie aSheS Illa1y
iwe blownl (ff.-Allanl   . z1l inwell.
I ala1 a belihver in shalllow  anld (OltinhillmS clultivatiOin for
all hoed crolps.   In ilix we-tlher tllhere is no Other NvaN ill
'which wve canl lock 111p so lilluillmoistuire lilntil tile rl(Oots are
aible to) appropriate it.  Keep off tile ground wh-ieln it is wet,
but just as oo(n as it is in eonditioin to work. cultivate with
tfle lbest tool you have at halnld.  List sprilig I purelhased a
-weeder No. 4. witlh cur-ved teeth. ;lnld I must say! that I never
used I tool that lpleasedl me so much, Or that saved so much-
linbor.  My strawvbierries vere taken care of -with Ihis tool lip
to JulIv with onl   (lle lianh  landlolilIg. a1(1 I Ilever had straw-
berrv fields so free from  wee(ds.  I Ilaven't felt the need *f ir-
r igation onl strawvberry fields tlle first season, as by saialloh
cuiltivatiotI in dry times thle plants canll  e kept growing.-
(T. C. Eddy.l

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