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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

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and seedlings of the Russians and crosses with ouI' best atnld
hardiest American varieties -are destined in the near future to
furnish us the best list of apples known to the world."
The London Raspbherry.-A brief account of our visit to the
orig inal plantations of this now extensively advertised new
fruit at M1r. London's place, Janesville. Wis.. was given on
page 26i of the magazine for Auguist under the head of "Notes
from the Seedling Fruit Coiniittee."  We conthille (of the
opinion that it will prove to be the best red raspberry ever upl to
this time oriiginated. ajid it should as soon as possilde be
tested ill every part of our state.
The C'oliimbian raspberry is also greatly praised by all who
have had ain opportunity to try it. but wve have not seen enou-gh
of it to speak advisedly at this time.
l v 9 Z~f; ~lt ll ov-it,,.& i ...... 44 lEsl  . sllser lizts  t"
.VI[O Izz'[ W  IIIIlil'.t I sIN lt I P I I   . .t....tvw.l 1 ,1~  .K11"I-.
protectors lbecause jackl rabbits caill reach thire or. more feet
hiigh and bite off limbs. but recommends trees headed only
two feet high. What a feast for the jacks!  He also says
blorers can h.rbor ulinder the lath, says he thinks D )akota is
not a g>oood clinuiite for the codling moth, as lie has liever seenl
a wor0iiy apple in his orchard. I tholighl perhiaps he Was like
the man who when he read that a certain bank had failed.
ran holio- a mile to see if he had any bills on it, an(l on1 reach-
illg his abode found he had no bills on that bank or any othier.
We in AW'is-onsin think protectors are all right. or Parsons &
Leope wo    nulo ot uIse 4.000. anid L. (G;. Kellosgg r& ('o. Avoull(d
neot ship a car load of lath for protectors and build a machine
to miike theni.  Mloral-If a tree is worth planting it is worth
People in southivestern M1innesota are coiuplaillinir of fruit
tree swindlers selling southern trees. They bled one German
farmer to the tune (of $N0).00 and to show that they are not
respeeters of persons they gave his American neighbor a sim-
ilar dose. They gav-e others the samTIe to the tune of $10 to
$20 apiece. They contract to do the planting. but at that
time thev w-ill be searce.  There is plenty of horticultural

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