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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

A Delaware vineyard,   pp. 13-16 PDF (793.3 KB)

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load froin New York and Illinois and sells very cheap.    A
few years ago we could get very good prices, but now we can
get very little miore than eastern graples are sold for.
31i. C. W'edge: Wh';t do youn get for ])elawlares?
Mr. Samipson: They average us about five cents per pound.
M1r. (r. J. Kellogg: You get the price pretty low.
Mr. S;aimpson: Yes, I put it pretty lowv.
Secv. Lathlain: Thnere is another reason wly the D)elaware
is more profitable; it is not so much11 troul)le to take care of
thelim in the sunmier.  Thtye have at tendency of clinging to
eaclh ofther. an(l with ;I verv little tying they (cling to eachl
other, wvidle the  'oncords have to be tied everv timne.  In
pIIrIIInIIg fhie vineS the're is alniost the samie difference. Tlhe
I)elawaie ('aim be priued to spurs, and it is almost certain
that tHie buds are fruit buds, wiile if the ('oncord wvere simi-
laI' v prlullled you Avould not get mn-ch fruit.
Mr. (C. rL. Smitli : You do not have to haul so many.% gi'apes
to minaiket.
MI'. Cutts: Hlas ain yone had nimucli expeiience vithi the re-
newal svstemil? A vine xvdliei it becomes old is verv hard to
1lay downVI.
Mr. Samillpson : I find it is a very good plan. hlieie you can,
to get a shoot righit froii the root. The second A.ear vAon will
find it wAill bear nearl.v as muchi as the old vine.
Mr. (C'utts: The trouible seeims to be that the old vines vill
not piut out any shoots.
MIr. Sninitli: (Girdle the old vines.
Seey. Lathiain: I have never had much trouble.   Almost
alwvays von c.aIn get a cane pretty well back near the g-round.
neal enoulig for all practical pluliloses.  Renewing is very
necessary if you have many vacant places on the old vine, and
in renewving you ('an go back and cover all the vaacant places.
If I had a vine in bad shape and no shoots cominin  out from
near the ground. I think I should triy girdling it.
Mri. Smith: Just put a Nwire around it, that vill answer tle
Mir. C'utts:  MI'. Sampson spoke about Delawvares being
planted eight feet apbart eachi way. A good many recommend
to plant them six feet eaeh way.

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