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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

A Delaware vineyard,   pp. 13-16 PDF (793.3 KB)

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InI thle fall I have from  two to three feet of vine. and each
year lengt-hell out the vine according as the vine has ripened
its wood. The third vear wve should bave a good strong vine
eight feet ulog alnd eapalde of producing eighlt or ten pounds
of grapes.  I use thnree wires for a trellis. and tie thle vine
to thle lottoln Niret troilling Ihle lnew slhoots upright. a lollt
four illuehes apart.  When thle shloots have grown six inchles
above the top) wire, I pinch the end off and keep doing so
until A-uglst first. AlNeen I let tten) grorv.  I al1so pull out atfl
laterals that Ina gNrow oult as far uple as the gr.-apes grow^. Thlis
is to prevent too mnuch wood and to keep tlwe clusters frommi be-
in"g tangle(l. Whenlil te vines have reacled nIiatuiritv. I allow
tlient to bea- frommi te-n to tifteeni po muds of grapses. for which I
fimld a readyv imarlket iii our Twin ('ities at five (celnts pter pound.
A good Delaware vineylard will clear a niet profit of about $1 00
pll acre.
I finld all the w torkl connected witlh a vineyard verv easy and1
pleasant. and thllink I wvould prefer I'liSillsg g0rales to small
fi-uit.  r consider spraying witlh the Bordeaux imixture very
inmportant to prevent mnildew and( keep the vines in a healthyv
(onditioln.  To destrov ' the leaf- hoplpr. I use fine airslaked
limie. and I sprinkle it amionig tlie vines %lvhen the dew is on
early in the m1orning. I find this the betst remiedy. and I have
tried a glood manlyi.
Mr. A. H. Bralekett: What success did vonl have %vitli tlme
air-slalked limne in driving awvay the leaf-hoppers?
Air. Samiipson: I had thme best succless vith it; it cert'ainlv
drives themui awav-. Thme dust seeins to choke thenm and drive
thell) alway.
PIes. I Underwood: Ae tihere anll\ other remarks to be nade
omn thuis subjeet of grapmes?
Mr. AW-vinan Elliot:  W'hieb is of the most vmlue as between
the C'olneord and I)ela ware in this climiate so far as profit is
Cloneneil lletd?
ill.. Samjjjpsonj: Inl ulm\ experien(ce. I found the D)elaware the
11ore p)r'ofitabl)l(e. Tile 1 elaware is not shuipped to our market
to anY (extent, while the 'Concord is shipped here bY the car-

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