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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

Goff, E. S.
The Rockford plum,   pp. 3-6 PDF (800.3 KB)

Hatch, A. L.
Notes from A. L. Hatch,   pp. 6-7 PDF (366.0 KB)

Page 6

It would appear from the above testimolln that the Rockford
plIun is less suiccessful in Iowa and Mlinnesota than in south-
ern Wisconsin, hence we cannot feel safe in recommending it
for general planting. Its rathei sinall size will doubtless in-
jure it for market. but those of our members who desire a
native plim of superior qpuality for desert use wvill do well
to try this Fvarietv.  At olur experiment station it has not
proveld more subject to culrilo than other varieties, aInd I
hav-e leard no conIl)laint that it is injured anyywhere by "plum
WIckets.                                     E. S. (loff.
The following items and inquiries will be appreciated by
our members as the! come fromt our old time member and
co-vworker, A. L. Hatch. of Rililand coniitN-, whose health we
a1re glad to report is better.  AWe hope these inqlluiries will
drawv out responses to be 1Iublislled in our- Auguilst number:
First, Fire Blight.- Vorst on Yellow> Tramsparent, Alexan-
lel. Titonka, Enornious, Taliman Sweet, Me Malian's Bloom,
Swvitzer, Tetofsli, and crab aliple trees.  Least on il)uellss,
Fameuse, Haas, Utter and M1c~lalian.
Second.  It is (ottiongis., blowing frotm tree to tree by
-x inds.
Third. Trees           i ea  an  Nva w- v b lack of (cuilttu- root
pruning or plowing are more subject to it ihan otheis.
Fourt i. Animal mianire seills to induce it.
Frst. Mv orchard same as his, addin-g libernal., Svaree,
A-vista, Moscow and Bret No. 2 for hlioditers.  For least
bligIlt samle as his, addinlg AWVoIf Rive\r, N. AV. ( ireening, Pat-
ten's oreening, Peerless. Wealthy, Ma1-ry. Gilbert, Malinda
apples, and -No. Twenty vMarthia. Minnesota Sweet Russet and
SNlvain Sweet crabs.
Second. Yes, it is contagious. and on thIt accouint I have
discarded entirely eight of the wvorst blighters above muen-

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