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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 5 (July 1896)

Secretary's notes,   pp. 23-25 PDF (574.6 KB)

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hand wvith, a fine show. The outlook for alpples is good, as
alread(1  noted in ouI coluins. Second premiumis have been
added to plates of apples and grales, enabling the committee
to give two premiums where comnpetitioll is close. Clarence
'Wedge, ali ul to date horticulturist, of Albert Lea, Minn.,
wiho is a good judge of fruit, will place the ribbons in that
It is always a pleasure to me to meet and converse ivilh a
manCa who as I'rof. (Tofif Aolild say. lnows something. I have
several huines in outr miectings referred to the fact thlt a man
livilg at BentonI Harbor. Mich., had boight sixty acres of
land ne; r filie city of Ripon in W1-isconsin. aiid set it all out to
a;pple tr((es. I have visited thiat orchard several times, but
n'ever had the pleastire of imeetilng Mr. Winalin s until MNav
last. when. I spent a dayv in his comlplJany visiting his and the
new tift!' ;cre orchard of our 1president and Mr. Reynolds.
Mr. lWinlals had just returned from  M1issouri. wl\here hie had
cleared the land, set and pruned seven hlindred and eighty
aicres of apple orchar-d. anldu hie had(1 just finished pruning
the orchard alt Ripon. and I anil free to say' if ai allnout can not
learn sonietlijug about priuing and caring for trees by wvatch-
ing aInd heitring his nietolods lie IIitiSt be al (11l student, and if
I learned anvtinung new abouit trimming yoling trees 1y owVn
nlew set orcliard of foul hundlinred trees and the new state trial
orcla rd of six 11hun dred trees at AN-li sail N -ill halvfe( the full bell-
efit of it, as I have gone over every- tree since that time. I
have thnllugllt anmud preaclhed fOr y'eI's thlat we glrow too 1u(-ch
top for the roots to support. Two thiings shoild be kept in
vie-. the shalpilng and formiig of thie tree and the production
of fruit. After the Iolp is fornmed. little cuitting should be
dolle.  Viliter prllliling shoumild 1e avoided. D)o it whlen veg-
etat ion is active. and wonids heaol quickly. is niy plaLn. and do-
ing it wvilen sapl is a  tive promotes the forming of fruit buds.
It is a greaot mistallke to leave too nuni mv ma in bramuches. 'We
can in mnlli1- voting thrifty groXvin- trees talke off half the
top amnd in five years it wvill not be nlissed.  C0tting large
limibes from bearing trees is a shoclk that takes a long time
to recover fronm. Mr. Winans believes as I do in the plan of

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