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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 5 (July 1896)

Among our neighbors,   pp. 15-22 PDF (1.6 MB)

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Pres. Underwood-I think this is a very important question
to us. The southern fruit shipped in is in quarts which have
been adopted by Illinois and Wisconsin.   Our quarts are
ealled the short quart. It is the same size over the surface,
but not quite so deep. If by usin, the full quart we can get
so much more for our fruit, when we buy our supply of boxes
next vear we ought to get the full quarts.
Mr. ('orbett-The Florida fruit comes in that shape, but
while fruit at that tinme is scaree. people are pleased with the
larg-e boxes and they buy it.
Mr. Harrison (N. Dakota)-So much has this short measure
been practiced on us people of the north, that it is hard to
tell whether we get a full barrel or a full quart. In regard
to cr;llbs. vou sell two barrels of crals in North Dakota
to olne of anv other kind.
Mr. llrackett-Are the people p)rejludliedl as to the color of
Mr. Palmaer-The Cuthbert is the nmost desirable.   The
Turner is a good fruit; it is large, juicy and sells well.
Plies. Vnderwood-How about black raspberries?
Mr. Palmer-The Gregg is the best. The larger they are,
the better they sell.
Mr. Wedge-Howv do our better grade of wvild plumls stand
in the market?
Mr. C'orbett-AWe have no experience as to the variety.
AMr. Elliot-While we are all interested in horticulture,
there is one thing that almost evi )y horticulturist produces,
and thlat is potatoes. WVe wvould like to know the best pack-
age to ship potatoes in.
Mr. McILean-The most desirable palckage is sacks. They
inulst 1)e sacked somewhere  ald(l it might as well be done
hvere thev are dug as anvwhere else.
Mr. Elliot-The reason I asked the question, in going out
into the country I saw farmers putting them in sacks.
Mr. Braclett-Is there a marlked difference in the price of
very early blaelkberries compared with those that comne in
Mr. Palmer-The earlier berries bring considerably more
than those that come in later.
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