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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1921
Vol. LI (1921)

Grant, Paul E.
Spraying apples,   pp. 92-94 PDF (747.0 KB)

Page 94

In about ten days make another application.
This will probably carry you through until the spray for late
brood of coddling moth and scab, somewhere around August 1
in our locality, unless you have conditions favorable for scab
We make a practice of putting on a spray between the 10-day
and later coddling spray.
It goes without saying that you must first use the proper
material, properly diluted and agitated, and most thoroughly
applied, but even if you do this, it must go on at just the right
time. It cannot wait until you finish planting or cultivating the
corn or garden, or any if the hundred and one things you are
hurrying to get out of the way. The spraying must be done' on
time, no matter what the weather, condition of ground or any-
thing else. This means close watching of your trees from the
time the buds swell in the spring and fast, thorough work at the
proper stages of development. If your spraying has been dis-
appointing, either you have not used the right materials, failed
to do a thorough job or you have been too early or too tardy with
your application. Our use of nicotine sulphate will depend en-
tirely on the aphis situation. So much for our particular prob-
Personally, we have had the best success with good old lime
sulphur, 32 or 33 Baume test, for fungicide. Dry lime sulphur
may be good-we hope it is-but until the other fellow has ex-
perimented for some years with it, would hesitate to depend
upon it.
Too much russetting with Bordeaux. Dusting we have found
very expensive and unsatisfactory. We spray with 275 to 300
pounds pressure-with the wind, when we can. Use spray guns,
because of speed.
With slight modifications to apply to purely local conditions, I
know that a careful and timely application along the lines out-
lined will result in a crop of as fine, clean and attractive fruit
as can be given anywhere in this country, providing, of course,
you do the other needful things.

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