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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Rules and by-laws,   pp. 5-8 PDF (778.2 KB)

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proper vouchers for all money disbursed and shall render such accounts
and statements of the moneys received, disbursed and on hand, and gener-
ally of all matters pertaining to his office as the Executive Committee may
require or the By-Laws direct.
Sec. 4. He shall disburse the money of the Society only on the written
order of the President countersigned by the Secretary, and shall make an
annual report of the receipts and disbursements and furnish the Sec-
retary with a copy of the same on or before the first day of the Annual
Article VI. The Executive Committee.
Sec. 1. The Excutive Cammittee shall have the general care and
management of the property, affairs and business of the Society, and a
majority of its members shall constitute a quorum. The President and
Secretary of the Society shall be President and Secretary of the Executive
Sec. 2. Meetings of the Committee may be called by the President,
the Secretary, or by the Secretary on the written request of five mem-
Sec. 3. They shall fix the amount of the Treasurers' bond, the num-
ber of his sureties and approve the same. They may require any other
officer, agent or employee of The Society to execute a bond and prescribe
the amount and conditions thereof, and approve the same.
Sec. 4. They may prescribe such salary or compensation for any
officer, agent, or employee of the Society as they may deem proper, but
not for a longer term than until the next annual meeting of the members,
nor shall any officer of the Society be entitled to or receive any benefit,
salary or compensation for, on account of, or during the time that he
may be absent beyond the boundaries of the state unless such absence
was at the request and on behalf of said Society.
Sec. 5. The Executive Committee shall have the power to remove any
officer for official misconduct or neglect of the duties of his office. In
case of vacancy in any office, either by resignation, removal or otherwise,
such vacancy may be filled by appointment by the said Committee, but
such person shall hold office only for the unexpired portion of the term.
Sec. G. The Executive Committee shall make such rules and regula-
tions for the conduct of the business of the Society, not inconsistent with
law, the Constitution, or the Rules and By-Laws, as they shall deem ex-
pedient and for the best interests of the Society.
Article VII. Committees.
Sec. 1. The President, Treasurer and Secretary shall constitute a Board
of Managers which may conduct any business deemed necessary for the
Society in the absence of the Executive Committee. All bills against the
Society must be audited by the Board of Managers before being paid.
Sec. 2. Regular meetings of the Board of Managers shall be held bi-
monthly to audit accounts and transact other business; special meetings
may be called by any member of the Board.

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