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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Moore, J. G.
Student judging and identification contest,   pp. 177-178 PDF (427.9 KB)

Toland, F. J.
Washington and Oregon vs. Wisconsin,   pp. 178-187 PDF (2.2 MB)

Page 178

Vida French, first; Mr. Carl Muck, second; Mr. M. W. Richards,
third, and Mr. W. Mueller and Mr. P. Lunde tied for fourth.
While. this contest was only an experimient during the present
year, the interest which it awakened among the students, members
of the State Horticultural Society, and parties who read of the
contest through the press, was so great that it would seem advis-
able that the contest be continued, and that the scope of the work
covered be still further perfected in the future. One noticeable
feature was the fact that those students who took part in the
judging contest were more interested in the regular program than
the average student who was not in the contest, being more regu-
lar in attendance, in fact, being present whenever the work at
the University would permit.
The Horticultural Department feels very grateful to the Execu-
tive Committee of the Society for making possible this contest,
and for its co-operation in trying to train the young people of
Wisconsin along practical fruit growing lines.
The President: We will now follow the suggestion of our Sec-
retary and call on Mr. F. J. Toland of L Crosse to speak to
us on the Western country.
Mr. Toland: I was invited to talk to you about Washington
and Oregon and possibly can tell you some things that will be
of interest. For a good many years I have been interested in
fruit growing and the height of my ambition has been to own a
good commercial orchard. With that object in view I have
visited fruit growing sections in New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois,
Michigan, Missouri, California, Oregon and Washington. 'I
visited Spokane, Wash., the 2nd day of May, 1909, and left it
on my return trip the 14th day of July. During that interval
I visited nearly every advertised fruit proposition in Washington
and northern Oregon. Quite a number I had visited in previous
years and this was my fifth trip to the Pacific Coast. As I
found conditions materially the same at all the advertised points,
I will only mention some of those which are most prominently
before the public, and as briefly as possible.

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