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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Milward, J. G.
Report of delegate to the American Pomological Society,   pp. 175-176 ff. PDF (614.2 KB)

Page 176

as the Wealthy, McIntosh Red, which are also grown commercially
in Wisconsin.
(2) Is Wisconsin horticulture progressive? It gave your dele-
gate much satisfaction to know that Wisconsin is keeping abreast
of the times in adopting gradually the more progressive cultural
methods. The source of satisfaction should not be taken as rest-
ing too strongly upon what has been accomplished in the past as
upon the possibilities for future progress. It is encouraging to
us that new developing horticultural fields are in a position to
take up the more progressive methods and to profit by the mis-
takes of others, than some of the old districts where horticultural
interests appear to be abating. Wisconsin horticulture should
rise to the possibilities in the adoption of such methods as is mak-
ing modern commercial fruit growing profitable. That is, in-
cluding (1) improved methods of picking and marketing fruit,
(2) intensive commercial spraying, (3) selection of commercial
varieties, (4) adoption of intensive cultural methods.
In regard to the program at the convention, it might be well
to say that the time was allotted to a discussion of a wide range
of fruits, and hence not much time was spent upon fruits adapted
to Wisconsin conditions. Probably two of the best subjects on
the program were those of the sulphur sprays discussed by sev-
eral experts, and the fruit marketing session which was handled
very ably. Much of the time was spent in the considering of
subjects of a somewhat technical nature such as the naming and
classification of fruits.
Mr. D. E. Bingham of Sturgeon Bay was in attendance as a
delegate also, and will report upon orchard conditions as he
found them in the commercial orchards in the vicinity of St.
Catherine's. Your delegate was treated very courteously by
members of the local society at St. Catherine's, and also by offic-
ers of the American Pomological Society.

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