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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Melville, James W.
A Chippewa County orchard of 60 acres,   pp. 99-104 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 100

twenty years old. I also bought at the same time 1,000 root
grafts, from which I raised 300 good trees. I planted them
twenty feet apart each way. I cultivated them for three years
and after that I seeded the orchard down with timothy and
clover, and mulched the trees well with straw manure.
My next planting was nine years later, and consisted of 500
Wealthys. These trees I planted in rows thirty feet apart, and
the trees twelve feet apart in the rows. All the rest of my
orchard has been planted in the same way.
In 1900 I planted 600 more Wealthys.
In 1901 I planted 1,000 more trees, of which 600 were
Wealthys, 250 were Northwestern Greenings and 150 of other
In 1902 I planted 800 more Wealthys, and 200 crab trees.
In 1903 I planted 1000 more Wealthys, 50 Patten Greenings,
50 McMahons White and 100 of other kinds.
In 1904 I planted 100 more Wealthys, and these were the last
I planted.
The orchard now consists of 5,800 trees, covering 60 acres o$
land. The trees were all mulched when planted, and have been
kept in mulch ever since. Crops of grain and hay are raised
between the rows of trees, which are very little in the way of
putting in or of harvesting the crops.
None of the trees have ever been sprayed, but I intend to try
spraying next year.
During the last two seasons black spots have appeared on some
of the Wealthys, and they drop off earlier than the rest of the
fruit and will start to rot. I intend to try spraying to prevent
this, but have not yet determined what spray to use, nor what
is the cause of the trouble.
Our late apples, Wealthys, Greenings and other kinds, we
sell in our local markets at Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls.
Of the Duchess we ship part of the crop, and we are shipping
more every year, as they will not keep very long.
I also desire to express to this society my appreciation for the
many benefits I have received. I have read all your reports for
the lost 20 years. I have never planted any apple trees that
were not recommended by your society. And as a result there
are very few gaps between the trees. Your recommendation of
the Wealthy has added thousands of dollars to the value of my

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