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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Marsh, W. H.
The 1909 crop in the Wausau trial orchard,   pp. 90-95 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 95

the Transcendent. It matures about one month later than the
Transcendent. It is very hardy, strong and rapid grower and one
of our best trees to top work. Sold readily at $1.00 per bu. at
N. W. Greening.   Last but not least the N., W. Greening.
This grand old apple has not been fully appreciated as no
home garden or commercial orchard is complete without the
N. W. Greening. While it is not a high quality apple it is a
good cooker and fair eater, when it is allowed to ripen off in a
cool cellar and will compare well with others on market at that
time and better than most of them. Will keep until April or
May. It is a large, light green fruit, with a red blush and very
uniform in shape. Sold readily at good prices. Give the N. W.
Greening a chance in either home or commercial orchards.
I wish to state in closing that I visited the land show in
Chicago and saw the crack display by the Hood River Valley
Association and while it was a very fine display, the Wausau
orchard could have made an exhibit of Wealthy, McMahan
White, N. W. Greening and Wolf River just as uRiform in size,
of a larger type and superior in quality to those shown by our
western boomers.
Our 1910 Mgotto: Fancy Wisconsin Apples selling readily at
$2.50 per bu. box.
The President: I notice Mr. Marsh gave two lists, one of
those looked on as commercial varieties and the other as experi-
mental. I take it for granted that the Dudley at that time was
classed as experimental, and he would now remove it from the
experimental to commercial.
Mr. Marsh: The Dudley would go as a commercial apple, I
did not put it among the experimental.

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