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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Cranefield, F.
Report of secretary,   pp. 77-86 PDF (2.1 MB)

Page 79

I have discussed this subject of early varieties so many times
in my reports that I hesitate to enlarge on it here except to say
that there is little doubt that of the 50,000 barrels of Wisconsin
apples marketed last fall every barrel was sold, shipped and 95
per cent consumed by Dec. 1st and most of them before Nov. 1st.
If perchance there should be anyone here today who looks with
longing eyes toward the irrigated West as the paradise of fruit
growers let him ponder on this fact and ask what it means.
If there are yet members who still harbor the delusion that the
choicer varieties of winter apples may be grown in this state
and point to occasional old trees which still survive as examples
I would refer them to the reports of this Society beginning with
1869 and especially the recommended lists of those days; then
follow carefully down the years to the present. When this has
been done consider very carefully the story as there written;
and lest we set too high value on our own knowledge let us not
forget that, "there were giants in those days" as well as now.
Men like Plumb, Peffer, Stickney, Tuttle, Hoxie and a host of
others were men of sound-judgment, courageous and persistent.
They finally abandoned the fight for Baldwin, King, Rhode
Island Greening and all the others of that class and brought us
to the safer and more substantial basis of Wealthy, Duchess and
Let us profit by that fifty years of experiment.
Proceeding now from flights of fancy to routine matters it may
be said that as members of the Wisconsin State Horticultural
Society we also have cause for congratulation.
The Society is today in every way stronger and better than
ever before.
Our records show a membership of 1,072 of which 140 are life
members and 932 annual. This does not include honorary mem-
bers, the exchange list nor those who are in arrears. The follow-
ing record is of interest as showing the increased interest in our
Society and confidence in our work.

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