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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Kellogg, Geo. J.
Strawberries new and old,   pp. 63-65 PDF (564.1 KB)

Page 64

Best new, Wilder, Perfection, London Market and Pomona.
Best late, Victoria, Prince Albert, Long Bunch Holland,
La Vesailise, White Grape, North Star and Red and White
Best new, Pearl and Ozanne.
Best old, Downing, Red Jacket and for canning, Houghton.
New, Eldorado, Mersereau and Early King.
Old and reliable, Snyder, Ancient Briton, Badger, Kittatinny,
Stones Hardy and Erie.
Black Raspberries:
New, Plum Farmer, Black Diamond and Cumberland.
Old, Black, Gregg, Kansas, Palmer and Ohio.
Red Raspberries:
New, King Brilliant, Cardinal and Ruby.
Old Red, Loudon, Cuthbert, Brandywine, Marlborough and
Best purple tip raspberry. Columbian.
Best yellow, Golden Queen.
Best early, Moore's, Campbell's Green Mountain and Wor-
Best white, Lady, Diamond and Niagara, Concord where you
can grow Dent Corn, Brighton, Agawam, Wilder and Merri-
Dr. Loope: I would like to know about the Glen Mary and
what the success has been in different parts of the state with
Mr. Coe: The Glen Mary does very well with us, good
grower, good berry.
A Member: I would like to ask this gentleman if he con-
sidered the Pan American worth raising for a fall crop?
Mr. Kellogg: I would not dabble with it, except for private
use, for a private family, or for an amateur it is worth while to
try it.
A Member: On our ground a year ago last summer we

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