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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. III, No. 9 (November 1898)

Kellogg, Geo. J.
Fall care of strawberries,   p. 21 PDF (223.0 KB)

Kellogg, R. M.
Blackberry crops,   pp. 21-23 PDF (727.5 KB)

Page 21

Strawberries are better if covered lightly, say one inch,
before the ground freezes, then later another inch, or just
so you cannot see the plants or ground. This is particular-
ly for new beds. For covering use nothing which contains
foul seeds. Marsh hay is best unless on a very windy loca-
tion; even then it can be weighted with dirt or brush. Clean
straw is good. Bagasse, although heavy, makes a splendid
For old plantations there is not the same need of mulch-
ing or care to avoid weed seed, as the bed should be plowed
under after the second crop. If there are any insect pests
it is better to take only one crop and then plow under.
Manure mulch may be used for old beds and applied
any time before March.
Gno. J. KuLLOGG.
Janesville, Wis.
No blackberry can be brought to perfection without
abundant moisture. This can be secured by keeping the
ground full of humus or vegetable matter and then begin
cultivation early in the spring and keep it up after every
rain. Careful experiments have proven that a loose earth
mulch of three inches is best for conservation of moisture.
The roots are prone to come near the surface to get the in-
fluence of the sun and oxygen of the air, and so if we adopt
three inches as the proper depth, great care should be ex-
ercised to go no deeper, lest we tear the roots of the plant
and deprive them of their feeders and cause them to send up
many suckers, which become a nuisance.
The cultivation should continue regularly, at least once
a week. When the ground is filled with water in the win-
ter and spring we must not let it get away. Cultivation

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