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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / The Cranberry. A compendium of its cultivation, commerce, cookery, etc.

A cranberry idyl,   pp. 14-18 PDF (845.2 KB)

Page 15

For when you thibk you wilt have
A good night's aep,
You roll over with a groan,
Hal asleep and hal awake,
Yoo thought you beard the telephone,
And when you have aid your "sello,"
Did I hear that voice aright?
The flAg was an the train today;
There w1l be frest tonlgh "
Them you jVp into your overalls,
And your blood begiii to boll,
And you nAe en yeor lantern
That Is always filled with oil.
Thea you look at the thermometer
And you say "confVund s  pate;
It was fifty4wo four hours ago
And now It's tweuity-eit.
Thea you pull out all your sluice beard.,
Away dawn to the A"or,
And you stand there a flw soments,
And you bear the water rear;
Tlin at lst yow mard is flooded,
And you danee aroand with glee,
And bid defiance toJack Fot
"You caunst iure me."
Now, C. Z. Lester said to so,
"Pa you Wi have to get a wilfe,
Or you wi 1 ne no berris;
Not upo yer life."
lb, Isehe Ihi foer hIsream,
And he pglt t me right;
"YTn wil need a crying baby
To keep you up au Might."
Now when convention day comes round,
They come from all creation;
Some In robber tired buggies
To Gaynor's marsh
And the experimental station.
Some stand around and talk,
They are as happy as you please,
While some sit around on benche.,
Beneath the big pine trees.
And they listen to the secretary
An be reads from his report,
It the crop will be a full one
Or if It will be short;
And he'll tell you about old New Jersey,
And all about the Early Black;
How quick they get to market-
They are the cracker jack;
And he'll tell about Cape Cod,
That great record breaker,
How they raise  barel to the acre.
But when It comes to Wisclosin
His reports re meager and small.
He Is trylg to make you believe
We raise no berries here t all.
We've had men from Kamas City
s8. Paul ad also Chl.
They have looked the whole crop over,
Perhaps they are going to buy.
The railroads too, are represented,
And they offer a rebate
They are holding out tnhcememt;
They are alter all the freight.
We have nearly every be ry herm
That grown beeath the sun;

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