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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirtieth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 16th, 1917. Twenty-ninth summer meeting, M. O. Potter's marsh, Cranmoor, Wis., August 8th, 1916

Whittlesey, S. N., Mrs.
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In presenting this report to the esteemed Governor of our State, and
to the members and friends of the Association, we beg their indulg-
ence as to its brevity and incompleteness.
It may not be known to all our readers, that on the evening of Feb-
ruary 17, 1917, fire destroyed the home of our Secretary J. W. Fitch
with most of its contents. Resulting in death from shock to the father
-W. H. Fitch, for many years an invalid,-and from overexertion and
too close contact with smoke and flame to Sec. J. W. Fitch and the
housekeeper, Miss Pearl Sawin, thus wiping out the entire household.
As nearly all the records were consumed in this fire, it is impossible
to give many facts of interest and worth that should appear in this
Instead of trying to produce from memory, we have thought best to
copy notes of the Aug. 1916 and Jan. 1917, meetings as sent by Sec.
Fitch to the Wisconsin Horticulture-the monthly magazine published
by the Wis. State Horticultural Society, with which our Wis. Cran-
berry Growers' Association is affiliated. These are really our last
words from Mr. Fitch-the man whose heart was in the work and who
served us faithfully and well.
Appointed Acting7 Secretary.

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