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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Fourteenth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wis., January 8th, 1901

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Mch. 13,1900. A. L. Fontaine, acct. mailing list.  10 00
Stamped envelopes, wrappers, postal
cards, stamps ................. .... 35 62
CashexpenditureJan.and Aug.reports  7 00
Secretary's salary ................... 40 00K
Order No. 59. Chas. Briere, acct. experiment station  30 00
Order No. 61. Reporter bill for printing ............  9 50
Order No. 62. Chas. Briere, supplies for convention  58 16
Order No. 63. Tribune bill for printing ............  9 90
Total .....................................   $494 78
W. H. FITCH, Secretary.
On motion duly seconded the secretary was instructed
to cast the ballot for re-election of old officers viz: Chas.
Briere, president; S. N. Whittlesey, vice president; W. H.
Fitch, secretary: M. O. Potter, treasurer; A. E. Bennett
member executive committee.
Reports from different sections were called for and the
yield was represented almost uniformly less than the pre-
vious year, but quality was much better, and prices ranged
from S5.00 to $6.25 cash at shipping point. One grower
reported his harvesting expense at $2.45, which did not
include interest on investment, taxes, insurance, or cost of
Those who had made observations concerning the early
drawing off of water from vines, recommznded the custom,
and also late harvesting; the difference between fruit picked
in the first and at the end of September being clearly in
favor of the latter. Of course, an ample reserve of water
is assumed.
A discussion regarding sanding developed a difference
of opinion respecting the practice. The experience of S.
N. Whittlesey of Cranmoor was decidedly in its favor,
that of Charles Baker of Shennington against it, while
with A. E. Bennett of Grand Rapids results had varied.
It seemed to be agreed that the coarser the sand the better.
The bonus system of giving five cents a box extra to
those staying to end of picking season was voted a success.
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