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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / 1893 sixth annual meeting of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association, held at the City Council Chamber, at Grand Rapids, January 10th and 11th

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Except in two instances viz: May and Jutte, 1892, our
total monthly precipitation shows less than the average of
the state, which seems to bear out my theory.
S. ,1. Spafford. -I would like to hear the opinions of
the growers as to the cause of the short crop of last seas-il.
A4. E. Bennett:-My experience leads tile to credit the
shortage to several accounts. First, excessive raitif;ll
during the early mouths, totally destroying the lower ci ').
then very hot days with cool nights causing blight; and the
latter part of the season was pretty frosty. I think these
unfavorable conditions can be charged with the .shortiige.
R. C. Treat:-At our place the principal cause weut
back to the year before, the August frost destroying the
bud formting for this season's crop.
H. 0. Aruschke:-The August frost started, a-.nd water.
heat and frost finished the job.
S A4. Spafford:-While the vine wettt into wiltter qtuitr-
ters in excellent shape this seaso11, should we get all erlyv
spring, thawing the snow and exposing the tips of the
vines to the cold winds of March, I ;tin positive that vr
will lose the major part of the large crop now protmise(d.
C. H. Kruschke:-MR. PRESIDENT:-I think we Asiiil(l
invite the eastern growers to meet with its at sotme title
during the World's fair, either itt a body or by delegates, to,
try and unite upoti a uttiforiti measure, ;also to perfett ;l
system of uttiversal crop reports to be published in bullbtiii
form weekly. Let reporters be appointed frott each l,,.ll-
ity who would report weekly to the statisticiat the auiiiit
of fruit gathered up to date, the totals froma Wiscottsihi. O
be telegraphed to the eastern grower and their repirts
wired to its. Then have a sufficieut number of bttlletiils
printed to send to each imeniber of the associationt ;a ( I lie
inforniation therein contained be the exclusive propertN il
mnettibers and not scattered broadcast or printed in evel
newspaper. As the schemime would take both tiule ;,iid
money, only those who help to bear the expense should ihe
allowed to take the advantages that accurate infortmiltill
of this kind would give the grower. We should also be pire-
pared to hold our berries until they are wanted an(t i t
flood the market as soon as the first cold day makes it. ts)-
Mr. Kruschke then read a letter frott Mr. Rider, Se, re-
tary of the American Cranberry Growers' Associatioti. ;lP'
proving and urging the system of universal crop relpits

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