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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Beach, C. R.
Science in agriculture,   pp. 280-301

Page 298

C~ensisting of from- 1,200 to 1,500 volumes in each school.. and 
a balance left over in the treasury to the credit of that fun - d. 
The point I make is t his - that it has cost these 8 tudents 
attending these 'normal schools, where they are required not 
to use the ordinary and cheaper grade of books but the 
upper and better grade of books, only $3 a year per pupil, 
and I will ask the. farmers of this state if they ean s . ay that 
it has cost them but $3 per child for' text 'books during äs 
inany years. I believe it is a matter of the greatest econ- 
omy to have such a measure passed, and it seems to me that 
the distriet board~ the unit upon which we base and from 
which we manage all of our school inatters, lis the proper 
unit. The bo.ard to have the initiatory control of this mat- 
tiär of the purchase - and eare of the text books. We want 
as little machinery about is as possible. We do not want to 
do as they have to in Minnesota - ma'ke a requisition on the 
county superintenden't, and the county superintendent on 
somebody else, and then from that source the books are to 
be distributed at great c- st and liability to loss and. damage. 
One thing further that has no't been urged. My friend 
aeross the hall has spoken abJut the-want of uniformity of 
text books, and we know that in a great many quarters this 
is considered a very great evil, 1 never have sympathized 
withthat sentiment very much myself, beeause I believe that 
a teacher who can teach the multiplication table and teach 
it well, ean teach it whe.ther the pupil has a Robinson or a 
Davies, or any ot.her kind of an arithmetie, and so I believe 
that we ought to work for a grade of teachers who can 
teach topieally, who can make use, of the tools which are in 
the hands of the children, and if they happen to have a 
Monteiths' Geography ean teach that the earth is round, o-r 
if they happen to b ave Harpers' Geography ean teach that 
the earth is round and moves, or if they happen to have 
Swintons' Geography ean teach that the earth is round and 
that it moves around the sun. 
I do not believe that there is any great diffleulty with the 
diversity of text-books if you have the right kind , of teach- 
ers, but if we desire to bring about uniformity, there is no 
quicker, no surer, no more economical. way of effeeting that 

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