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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Beach, C. R.
Science in agriculture,   pp. 280-301

Page 290

now we may have two to build, and if this school is for the pub- 
lie benefit the sooner we have it the better, and while I most 
heartily indorse the movement, I wish to offer a few sugges- 
tions upon that part of the plan which contemplates the 
severing and virtually abolishing the -agricultural depart' 
ment of the State University., by appropriatiüg the endow- 
ment fund-to the support of the school proposed. 
We are all ready to admit that the agricultural department 
has been a failuria, and it would be useless at this late day 
to show the reasons why. 
Perhaps when established it antieipated a wanttiot, then 
felt. It may be that the faculty of the university has at 
,times turned to it.. a cold shoulder. We know that the far- 
mers of Wisconsin have. They have not visited it; they 
have not been speak a good word for it.- They 
have not sent their sons to it, and they have become so used 
to flinging dirt that they have not always been willing to 
give it credit for t he good it has done. 
But recently it has shown more si»gns'of life, nine or ten 
students are attending its course. . The work at the experi- 
mental station iß of acknowledged value. 
Who is able to say , that it has not entered upon the dawn 
of a better day, and that with changed co-aditions in. - its 
fävor, it may not in time rank equal with the other depart- 
Should the school contemplated be as popular with. the 
farmers as- its friends have a right to expeet, one will hardly 
supply the wants of the 120~000 farmers of the state, but a 
half dozen will soon be needed. Should but one boy from 
each twenty fatiners seek admission there would be 6'000 
pupils. Enough förýtpn schoolso'f 600 scholars each. 
And you will want?,managers.. professors and teachers, 
and where ean this want be so ý well supplied as by the agri- 
cultural department of the state university? 
Hitherto the sons of farmers who have attended the state 
university. have not entered the agriculture department for 
the good Teason, that their edueation comp.rised not only 
their whole stock in hand but also their patrimony. The 
boy that stayed at home had the farm. The university boy 

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