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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Barry, A. C.
The agricultural outlook,   pp. 229-273

Page 262

of me, and now he wants me t. o make it to. all of you. In 
regard to the assertion made by on.e of the speakers that ag- 
ricultural colleges had been tried for, a long time in ölder 
countries and had been found unsuccessful, my remark was 
that I knew of no country., although I had recentl y studied 
very earef tilly a report on the a ricultural colleges of Europe, 
procured for the General Department of Agriculture at 
Washinoton I knew of no country where they had existed 
but a ve>rv shört Iime. - The truth of it is that ao-ricultur'al
Colleges stand to-day about on a.par with colleges of veteri- 
nary science a little over, or about.. a, hundred years ago,- 
when it was the greatest term of opprobrium you could ap- 
ply to a man to ..cgll, him a horse, da ätor, and a great many 
people inferred that beeause the science was in a compara- 
tivel  undevelop(ýd state, anirnals,'not having reeeived the 
attention that they ought to received, that therefore' 
there was no such thing as a seience. Sonaething of the 
same reinark was made in regärd to:,agriculture. If we say 
thät there is no such thing as a    of agriculture capa- 
ble of being taught, we might almost say the same thing of 
medieine., for the reason gBren; for'instance, that there is a 
doubt as to line" breeding and in and in breeding. Why 
could nöt we say. the same think of medieine at the time 
when the germ theor was started, when the Old school doc' 
tors threw up theW hands and said, "ýcoinfound those fellows.,
it is going to be a miero'copicäl profession," and rather tid-
iculed bacteria;- and rhymes were published on the absurd- 
ity of bringing medical science dow.ti to the microscopical 
NOw if a man learnA that a certain crop takes the*nitro- 
gen out of the soil., it is also worth his while to learn what 
will restore it to the soil. It certainly will not make a man 
worse farmer to do that. I am Aad that this'gentleman. 
spoke about that not being a elass institution. I know a 
great niany men living in eities, ý bankers and manufactur-: 
ers, and merchants, who would. be glad to. send their sons to 
an ao-ricultural 'ollege here they ýwould learn to be good 
farmers. I heard a young man say, to his grandmother, ""I 
Would like tobe a farmer." His grandmother säid., "What! 

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