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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Barry, A. C.
The agricultural outlook,   pp. 229-273

Page 229

-Nr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen - I like this farmer's 
convention.. which assembles so great a number of agricul- 
tural people in our capitol eity every winter, for one reason, 
mainly: that by means of it those who are the reprentatives 
of the various agricultural industries - the general farmer, 
the stockmen.. the wool-growers., the hortieulturists, the 
dairymen - are brought into closer sympathy; and their 
diverse thinkings and views, lying in the mind without 
power, because without expression, take form in speech so 
that ev.,iryone will be a learner, and each one, perhaps, a 
I also like the convention beeause it.offers to those to whom 
it sends invitations., and to all comers, a broad free platform. 
It would have every man who stands upon it speak his hon- 
est convietions., untrammelled by dictation or limitation; if 
so be he speaks in a rightspirit and with a right purpose. 
And it has already demonstrated that there may be union 
with diversity of opinion and of ealliing; that men may be 
one with regard to objeets to be promoted and accomplished 
while differing as to means and methods, that they may be 
-a.unit touching some great vital'question., and yet divide on 
a collateral or minor issue. Besides, they who compose this 
convention ' know no difference as to party or sect, and ree- 
ognizeDone of the distinctions of rank and place. 
All of every industrial ealling, all who toil with hand or 
brain.. belong to the great Brotherhood of Workers, among 
.whom., when assoeiated as to-day, there is neither high nor 
low., neither great nor small.. neither male nor female, "" up-
per erust " and "" under erust," are not in their fraternal
cabulary; if anything all 1; under crust," without which, 
however sugared and ornamented the " upper crust " might 
be, the pie would be a sorry affair, and of certain best sorts 
an impossibility. 
Thus in this convention of farmers we have unity with' 

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