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Johnson, Melvin J. / History and my memories of Wind Lake Telephone Company

History and my memories of the Wind Lake and Southeast Telephone Co. of Wisconsin Inc.,   pp. 5-58 PDF (19.1 MB)

Page 57

to order by the President, Mr. H. F. Johnson.
The minutes of the previous meeting was read and approved.
The Secretary's report was read and accepted.
The Treasurer's report was then read and adopted.
A motion was made and seconded that the company pay a seven percent
dividend on stock for the coming year. Carried.
A motion was then made, seconded and carried that the treasurer's
salary be fixed at $100 for the ensuing year.
There being no further business the meeting proceeded to elect
officers and the following directors were elected:       Mr. H. F.
Johnson, Julius Christianson, 0. M. Johnson, Fred Brockhansen, J.
A. Beecher.
Meeting adjourned.
Immediately after the annual meeting adjourned, the directors
convened and the following officers were elected.
Mr. H. F. Johnson         President
Julius Christianson       Vice President
0. M. Johnson             Treasurer
J. A. Beecher             Secretary
Fred Brockhansen          Manager
Meeting adjourned.
Special Meeting held on March 7, 1929
A special meeting on March 7, 1929 was called to arrange plans for
the coming year and extending private lines.
The manager, Mr. Brockhansen and J. Beecher were appointed to hold
conference with the Union Grove Telephone Company in regards to the
latter company trespassing in our territory.
April 5th special meeting was called to provide special help in
getting the line back in shape after the sleet storm, it was
decided to hire Magnus Bendictson for three months at $100 per
month wages.   The sum of $18 was allowed Hulbert Thompson for the
use of an extra car during construction work.
August   2 3rd, officers meet at Central office to discuss a
proposition given by the Wisconsin Telephone Company in regards to
building a private toll line to connect with said company at Big
Bend. After considerable discussion, the manager, Mr. Brockhansen

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