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Milmine, Geo. R. (ed.) / Racine advocate city and county residence and business directory of Racine, Wisconsin

Town of Yorkville,   pp. [283]-298 ff. PDF (4.2 MB)

Page [283]

GORTON & BUFFHAM. We are Sole Agents for the Bingham Buwner.
          Town of Yorkville.
                Town No. 3, Range 21 East.
                TOWN ORGANIZATION.
 John Bosustow, Chairman.
 0. S. Northrup,          Sujer-isorv.
 Peter Meyer,
 John McBeth, Clerk.
 J. Motley, Assessor.
 J. Collier, Treasurer.
 J. E. Powles, C. K. McEachron, Justices of the Peace.
 John Donald, Ed. Quinn, John Lugg, Constables.
 Population-Males, 8io; Females, 755 ; Total, 1,565.
     The building of railroads throughout the West, has been the cause
 of hundreds of new towns springing into existence, very many of which
 have become manufacturing and business villages and cities, far excel-
 ling in size and activity the older ones of the East. Among the villages
 which date their beginning from such circumstances, is Union Grove,
 a thriving place of upwards of five hundred inhabitants, situated on the
 line of the Western Union Railroad, fifteen miles west of the city of
 Racine. In August, 1856, the first train of cars made its appearance
 at the Grove, and soon after, Mr. P. P. Taber, erected a building on
 the corner of Market street, opposite the depot, and commenced busi-
 ness as a merchant. James Russell followed him in a short time with
 a lumber yard, and E. D. Cadwell, with a iblacksmith shop. The
 town plat was made in 1856, by a company, of which Dr. A. P.
 Adams, was President and S. H. Skewes, general manager. The plat
 comprised all the land in the village west of Market street and south
 of the Rail Road, and that portion north of the Railroad west of State
 street. Several additions have since been made, and the, village plat
more than doubled. In 1857 the Moe Brothers commenced business as
carpenters and builders, and were also engaged in the lumber trade.
H. W. WRIGHT makes the best Outside Winds.

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