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Historic places and people in the land of milk and honey: Wisconsin's treasure: a tribute to our past, a celebration of the present and our commitment to continue the good life

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Life is like a mountain range
      poised high above the sea,
With hills and plains and chasms
      in varying degree.
And within this range of mountains
      each child is given birth,
Seedlings sent from heaven
      to be placed on the earth.
We cannot know when we are born
      how high we're going to climb
But most of us will come to learn...
      it's one step at a time.
Some will stay in the valleys
      missing the beauty above,
Others will labor every day
      in grace and hope and love.
Seldom dismayed by sweat and tears
      though they may falter and fall,
Striving to take another step...
      heeding the Master's call.
They may climb only a little way
      in this world that we know,
Yet, when their labors are finished
      they will leave it all to go-
There, where there are no mountains to climb
      no chasms to be faced,
There, where all sorrow, sweat and tears
      God has promised to erase.
Don't spend your time in the valleys
      it's not so hard to climb,
Lift your eyes up to the hills,..
      take one step at a time!
                             Robert Stowell
In Gardner's Prairie, the township of Spring
Prairie, three Stowell Farns continue the
farming traditions. Ross Stowell and his wife,
Jill, who live on the Prairie Moon Farm, now
manage the farms with one hundred thirty
dairy herd and over two hundred beef and
dairy heifer livestock and over seven hun-
dred acres of crops to support the animals.
Ross's father and mother, Robert and
Dorothy Stowell's farm on Spring Prairie has
been in the family for over thirty years. Their
seven children are very accomplished in
various professions including Anna in
Russian language and culture. Bob Stowell
is a fine poet. He started writing when he
was in grade school and writes every morn-
ing for one hour before chores on the farm.
On the nearby farm, owned by David and
Kit Stowell, early Gardner's Prairie settlers
are buried in three cemeteries.
Ross Stowell is bringing the newest farm
practices to the farm. A birthing facility is
under construction. Recently, in one day,
seven calves were born.
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