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Wisconsin, its opportunities and inducements to home seekers : hundreds of thousands of acres of farming lands : no other locality can equal it

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       LANDS AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THOUSANDS.                   - at..  r
  The State of Wisconsin offers to all industrious people desir-
ing a home, opportunities that not only are unexcelled by Any
State on the continent, but, all things considered, are un-
equaled. The time was when cheap agricultural lands were
common to almost all the States, but at the present time but
few localities remain where the home-seeker can secure, practi-
cally without capital, the opportunity to make himself wellto-
do by simply his labor. The State of Wisconsin has to-day two
million people, yet within its borders there are at least two and
one-half million acres of land which can be purchased by set-
tlers at from $1 to less than $10 per acre, and sufficient time
given for payment to allow any industrious family, no matter
how limited their capital may be at the start, to take advantage
of the opportunity. Aside from this great amount of land,
there are yet thousands of acres which can be homesteade4
under thegeneral laws. The lands are such as will raise rcps
unexcelled in any locality, and for diversified farming they are
the equal, if not the superior, of lands in some of the now
richest agricultural sections of the country. The reasons for
this condition of affairs are plain. Northern Wisoonsin is a  :
timbered country; the lnds now offered so cheaply have been
entered from the government for the value of the timber upon  E
them solely, and those which did not contain timber enough to
make it profitable for lumbering are as yet government land
During the past twe4ty years billions of feet of timber have,,
been taken-from Northern Wisoonsin, and many hundreds of
thousands of acres have been left in the hands of those  p-,o
bought them simply fbr the timber. While many countits  -
WimOskD were in the sae 6ohdition twenty years sago, -0 t
even tsal years ago,.-a hae sime become rich  P-
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