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Wisconsin, its opportunities and inducements to home seekers : hundreds of thousands of acres of farming lands : no other locality can equal it

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  The Wisconsin State Board of Immigration, created by an.
act of the Iegislature of 1894-1895, has for its purpose the
promoting of immigration to the State. Mtore especuidlly is
this sought' for the northern part of Wisconsin. To that 'end.
the Board will, by any means within its power, assist people
with, information who may desire'to take advantag~ce Of the
opportunities offered. Any~ inquiries for information not con-
tained in this pamphlet can be- addressed to Mr. George W.,
Bishop, Secretary of the State Board of Immigration, at
Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and will be promptly attended to, and.
any information-regardinga certain county or locality of the..
State can be easiy obtained by addressing the local Immigra-  -
tion Board of that County. A list of the members of each
County Immigration Board will be found in this pamphlet.
They are all representative men of their community, and in.
terested in its development. They are anxious that the oppor-
tunities which there await home-seekers, be taken advantage
of. They will not only furnish cheerfully any information de-
sired by correspondence, but they will gladly show people  --
about who desire to investigate their respective counties, and
anyhome-seeker who desires to -view the lands which he or .2
his friend. 'nay wish to purchase will be shown them by some
of the members of these Boa~rds. They are not land agents
with laidiDtodispose-of topeople regardless of whether or o-/
it Wil proy. satisfactoiy for _faiinin  purposes, but aeo-
ganiued and wifll work for the sole purposeo  etln   i
    repctv  oounties~ and will, so far as lies in their power, sem
that the setter is edvantageously located and that his efforts
    prmemauusfl~fein thesucfe.sotfe'wlies the secret v   '
    s~p~g~y. Many of the dbunte -of North-ern Wi~ieon7h
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