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Rahmlow, H. J. (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. XXX (September 1939/July-August 1940)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 30, no. 9: May, 1940,   pp. [241]-272

Page 262

Mrs. Charles H. Schuele, President   "    '                      Mrs.
E. L. White, Rec. Secretary, 
247 Woodland Lane, Oconomowoc                                      Box 334,
Fort Atkinson 
Mrs. E. A. St. Clair Hon. President,                              Mrs. C.
H. Braman, 1st V-President, 
2418 N. 65th St., Wauwatosa                                        Waupaca
H.J. Rahmlow, Cor. Secretary,                                     Mrs. Frank
Quimby 2nd V-President, 
   adison                                                          1422 Blaine
Blvd., kacine 
     Wisconsin Garden Club 
 Wauwatosa Recreational Bldg. 
          May 17-18-19 
E NTRIES for our flower show 
    are coming in fine, and we 
are very much encouraged by the 
response we are getting. Espe- 
cially gratifying is the response 
from the clubs away from Mil- 
waukee-so that we can say at 
this time it will truly be a State 
  The show will have a Victorian 
setting, the staging all arranged 
around the central axis of the 
building. This makes it possible 
to have a nice vista right down 
the center with suitable features 
at each end. Combined with the 
plantings, this will give us an in- 
teresting view from either direc- 
tion. It will also be divided into 
two sections by evergreens and 
will as nearly as possible key the 
outdoor entries in one section, 
and the indoor in the other. All 
the entries will be so arranged 
around the vista and planting of 
the central axis to give a-feeling 
of balance and harmony to the 
entire show. 
  We hope garden club members 
will exhibit horticultural speci- 
mens in Section IX. The public is 
interested in these and in some- 
thing they can see and learn 
about that can be used in their 
own gardens, so bring as many 
as you can. 
-Dr. Carl Schwendener, Chair- 
man, State Flower Show. 
State Flower Show Entries Made 
           by April 17 
  Gardens: Terrace, Wauwatosa G. C.; 
Garden Path, Blue Mound G. C., Mil- 
waukee Co.; Dooryard, Madison G. C.; 
Formal, West Allis; Menomonee Falls. 
  Roadside Stands: Blue Mount; Blue 
  Tables: Garden  Breakfast: Blue 
Mound, Mrs. Henry Freudenberg; Hill- 
crest, Mrs. R. C. Schissler; Ravens- 
wood; Elm Grove, Mrs. G. Allen Kriz. 
  Garden  Tea  Tables: Hawthorne; 
Blue Beech; Menomonee Falls, Mrs. 
Walter Diehnelt. 
  Wedding Tables: Silver, Menomonee 
Falls, Mrs. Arthur Triller; Golden, 
Elm Grove, Mrs. Pearl Johnson; Mod- 
ern, Blue Mound, Mrs. Max Schmitt. 
  Period Tables: Russian, Art Insti- 
tute; American  Dinner, Milwaukee 
County Dental, Mrs. L. A. Wandell. 
  May  Day  Luncheon: Wauwatosa, 
Mrs. George Adami; Menomonee Falls, 
Mrs. Win. Poepp; Ravenswood; Mil- 
waukee County Horticultural Society, 
Mrs. L. G. Stewart. 
  Early American: Period 1750, Wau- 
watosa, Mrs. E. C. Haasch; Period 
1800, Art Institute, Mrs. 0. Fleischer. 
  Scenes of Wisconsin: Orchard, Art 
Institute, Mrs. Conrad Biehler; North- 
woods, Neenah; Lake    Shore, Elm 
Grove, Mrs. Pearl Johnson; Farm 
Scene, Milwaukee County Dental Aux- 
  Niches: Silhouettes: Wauwatosa G. 
C., Mrs. Max Schmitt. 
  Etchings: City Club, Mrs. G. Allen 
Kriz; Art Institute, Mrs. 0. Fleisclher. 
  Tulip Pictures: Yellow to Bronze, 
Green Tree; Pink to Red, Ravenswood; 
Lavender to Purple, Milwaukee Coun- 
ty, Mrs. Neurenberg. 
  Foliage: Hillcrest, Mrs. Wm. Bruhn; 
Wauwatosa, Mrs. Win. Poepp; Me- 
nomonee Falls, Mrs. A. Schloemer. 
  Fruits and Flowers: City Club, Mrs. 
W. F. Roecker; Milwaukee County 
Horticultural Society, Miss Celia Dix; 
Art Institute, Mrs. Conrad Biebler. 
  Screens: Bermuda, Blue   Mound, 
Mrs. E. A. St. Clair; France, Menomo- 
nee Falls, Mrs. Wm. Poepp; Italy, 
Wauwatosa, Mrs. Max Schmitt; Mexi- 
co, Sheboygan, Mrs. L. E. Larson; 
Wales, City Club, Mrs. W. F. Roecker. 
  Screens-For Men Only: Milwaukee 
County Horticultural Society, Harry 
Parsons; Wauwatosa, Anthony Wucht- 
  Indoor Window  Gardens: Milwau- 
kee County Dental Auxiliary; Ravens- 
wood; Blue Beech. 
  Outdoor Window Gardens: Country- 
  Coffee Tables: Blue Mound, Mrs. D. 
Kuechli; Wauwatosa, Mrs. Howard 
  School Children's Picnic Table: Mil- 
waukee County Horticultural Society, 
Miss Stewart; Wauwatosa, The Le 
Mieux Children. 
  In Section X, Class A, we have 
  6. A Story Garden. 
  The Score Card for Junior Exhibit 
has been changed to: 
  Originality -------------------30 
  Detail ------------------------25 
  Color Harmony ---------------25 
  Scale ------------------------ 20 
May, 1940 

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