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Rahmlow, H. J. (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. XXX (September 1939/July-August 1940)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 30, no. 7: March, 1940,   pp. [177]-208

Page 198

Mrs. Charles H. Schuele, President                                 Mrs. E.
L. White, Rec. Secretary, 
247 Woodland Lane, Oconomowoc                                       Box 334,
Fort Atkinson 
Mrs. E. A. St. Clair, Hon. President,                              Mrs. C.
H. Braman, Ist V-President, 
2418 N. 65th St., Wauwatosa                                         Waupaca
H.J. Rahmlow, Cor. Secretary,                                      Mrs. Frank
Quimby, 2nd V-President, 
MdiSson                                                             1422
Blaine Blvd., Racine 
   Auspices Wisconsin Garden Club 
            MAY 17-18-19 
    Field House--Wauwatosa 
A FTER a lapse of a number of 
    years the Wisconsin Garden Club 
Federation will again stage a State 
Flower Show with all garden clubs in 
Wisconsin invited to participate. 
  An ideal location for the show has 
been secured by the committee, of 
which Dr. Carl Schwendener is chair- 
man. It is the Athletic Field House 
near the Milwaukee Railroad depot in 
Wauwatosa. This is a large building 
with ideal accommodations. There is 
plenty of parking place, and the build- 
ing has large doors so that trucks may 
drive in. 
  The schedule of classes calls for 
some interesting exhibits. There are 
four classes of little gardens, and road- 
side stands. Dinner tables will consist 
of outdoor garden tables, formal tables, 
period tables consisting of Russian, 
French and English, and also luncheon 
  There will be still life pictures of 
Wisconsin scenes in horizontal niches. 
There will be 15 niches or shadow 
boxes of silhouettes, etchings or flow- 
er pictures. 
  Screen arrangements will feature 
flowers of a state or nation. 
  A new class, "entries for men only, 
let your conscience be your guide" is 
one which should bring out some new 
things and test the ability of the men. 
  There will also be classes for indoor 
gardens and outdoor window boxes as 
well as flower arrangements and speci- 
men bloom. 
  The schedule of classes will be pub- 
lished in the next issue 'of Wisconsin 
  Woman (in subway): "I wish 
that  good-looking   young   man 
would get up and give me his 
  Six men got up. 
        April 20-22-23-24 
     antville, New    York, well 
known lecturer on flower ar- 
rangement, table setting and col- 
or, editor of Garden Digest, will 
give four lectures in Wisconsin, 
under the auspices of District 
Garden Club organizations as fol- 
March 9-16-Milwaukee Florists Spring 
  Flower Show, in connection with the 
  Home Show, Milwaukee Auditorium. 
March 9-17-St. Louis Flower and 
  Garden  Show, in the Arena, St. 
  March 11-16-Boston Spring Flower 
  Show. Mechanics Building, Boston. 
March   11-16 - International  Flower 
  Show, Grand Central Palace, New 
March   11-16 - Philadelphia Flower 
  Show. Commercial Museum, Phila- 
March 23-31-Detroit Flower Show. 
  Convention Hall, Detroit. 
March  30-April 7-Chicago   Flower 
  Show, Navy Pier, Chicago. 
March 2-23-Natchez, Miss. Ninth an- 
  nual Pilgrimage of the Pilgrimage 
  Garden Club. 
March 2-April 7-Laurel, Miss. Annual 
  Chemurgic Trek. 
March 16-31-Woodville, Miss. Wood- 
  ville Garden Club Pilgrimage. 
March 17-30-Laurel, Miss. Laurel Gar. 
  den Pilgrimage. 
March   24-April 7-Natchez,  Miss. 
  Ninth annual Pilgrimage of the Nat- 
  chez Garden Club. 
  Sheboygan, Saturday April 20 
  Wausau, Wausau Club Ball- 
    room, Monday, April 22 
  Oshkosh, Trinity Guild Hall, 
    Tuesday, April 23 
  Madison, Woman's Bldg., Wed- 
    nesday, April 24 
  All meetings will begin at 10 
a.m. and close at 4 p.m. A noon 
luncheon will be served in con- 
nection with each meeting. 
  Miss Biddle's talks will cover 
the following points. 10 a.m. 
Brief review of principles of flow- 
er arrangement. The use of col- 
or in the home. 
  At 1:30 p.m. there will be a 30 
minute program by local speak- 
ers, which will be followed by 
Miss Biddle's talk on table set- 
ting, with demonstrations. 
  Admission to all meetings will 
be 50c. All profits remain in the 
District treasuries to promote 
garden club work in the district. 
urt er UetalIs wil De given in 
our April issue. 
  Neighbor : "Where's your 
brother, Freddie ?" 
  Freddie: "Aw, he's in the house 
playing a duet. I finished my part 
March, 1940 

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