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Rahmlow, H. J. (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. XXX (September 1939/July-August 1940)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 30, no. 7: March, 1940,   pp. [177]-208

Page 188

Will Blueberries Do Well 
             In Wisconsin? 
  A wise old trainer asked for 
advice on winning races, said: 
"The thing to do is to get out in 
front at the start and improve 
your position from there on." 
FOR more than 15 years horti- 
11clturists of Wisconsin have 
been wondering if they could 
grow   the highbush blueberries 
that are so popular in the East. 
To date we do not know of any 
successful planting of the high- 
bush blueberry in    Wisconsin. 
They are being tested even today 
in various sections of the state, 
but we cannot as yet report any 
success. Eventually we may find 
certain places and certain condi- 
tions where they will do well, 
and so those who wish to con- 
tinue testing them should be en- 
couraged. However, they are cer- 
tainly not recommended for any 
large planting. 
  A   letter from  Mr. Stanley 
Johnston, Superintendent of the 
South Haven Experiment Sta- 
tion, Michigan, where extensive 
tests have been made, writes as 
  "The highbush blueberry, as 
far as I know, does not grow 
naturally in Wisconsin and it 
does not grow in Michigan north 
of Saginaw Bay. We have a num- 
ber of test plantings in the Up- 
per Peninsula, but it is too early 
to tell very much about them. I 
have a feeling, however, that in 
close proximity to the Great 
Lakes there may be a few places 
where they will grow. However, 
even though they grow, there is 
some question as to how well the 
highbush type will bear in that 
region due to the shorter grow- 
ing season. We can give you more 
information on this in two or 
three years. 
  "We have moved mafty low- 
bush blueberries from the Upper 
Peninsula here for our experi- 
mental work. They have been 
hardy here, although the fruits 
have not been as large as where 
we found them in their native 
  "Highbush blueberry growing 
is probably a very hazardous un- 
dertaking. Any plantings made 
should be very small in number 
of plants." 
  Those who wish to try blue- 
berries should write for the bul- 
letin entitled, "The Cultivation 
of the Highbush Blueberry" from 
Michigan   State College, East 
Lansing, Michigan. 
W E would like to hear from 
     growers who have had ex- 
perience with growing different 
varieties of currants as to which 
variety is best under their condi- 
  The Red Lake Currant was in- 
troduced a number of years ago 
and according to reports from 
growers is meeting with favor. 
It is said to be larger in size than 
the average currant; the quality 
is good-not so tart as some of 
the others, and it is a good pro- 
  Drop us a card as to which va- 
rieties you have found best. If 
you have grown the Red Lake, 
how do you like it? 
Restrictions on Growing Cur- 
     rants and Gooseberries 
  According to E. L. Chambers, 
State   Entomologist, Madison, 
currants and gooseberries may 
not be grown within 900 feet of 
a planting of white pine which 
is protected by the state and has 
been posted. There- are no re- 
strictions on growing- them else- 
where. Nurseries outside of Wis- 
consin are required to obtain per- 
mits before they can ship in these 
plants in order that their desti- 
nation can be checked. Wisconsin 
nurseries.have maps. showing re- 
stricted areas. 
oultvutes, hoes, seeds, furrows or pushes 
Iw  mwmr. Larger models foe plsowing. 
     harrowiog, disting, mowing, fer- 
     tilizing. spraying, pulley for belt 
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     F.O.B. Factory. Write Gilson- 
     BOLENS Mfu. Co.. 3021 PARK 
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            ket your fruit in. 
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Mfarh, 1940 

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