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Rahmlow, H. J. (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. XXX (September 1939/July-August 1940)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 30, no. 6: February, 1940,   pp. [145]-176

Page 167

Federation Committees Start Work 
                           Mrs. F. K. Quimby, Gen. Committee Chairman 
N    order that all committees 
   may work together with the 
full knowledge of the entire 
Federation program is the plan 
which prompted us to call a meet- 
ing of the Executive Board and 
all committee chairmen January 
11 at the Medford Hotel, Mil- 
waukee. The entire day was giv- 
en over to discussion of com- 
mittee plans and it was gratify- 
ing to know that each chairman 
had thought through the possi- 
bilities for his department and 
was ready to put a work pro- 
gram into effect. 
  All new information will be 
sent promptly   by  each  state 
chairman to his district chairmen 
so the latter will have full and 
complete information at all times. 
Local clubs will write their dis- 
trict committee chairmen    for 
help and information and only 
when they fail to get adequate 
assistance from  the district 
chairmen are they to make direct 
contact with the state chairman. 
The District chairman    should 
keep the state chairmen inform- 
ed of activities in the Districts 
which can only be done if the 
local clubs will send him reports 
of their projects and programs. 
  The Department of Roadside 
Development under the direction 
of Miss Lillie Kohler, Kohler, is 
making a study of the roadside 
problems in Wisconsin. This de- 
partment will find out where 
work is being done and what we 
can do. If you are interested in 
city entrances, by passes around 
your city, living wind breaks, 
memorial spots, county zoning, 
control of outdoor advertising 
or roadside parks, the chairmen 
in this department are ready to 
advise and help you. 
  The Committee on Conserva- 
tion is headed by Dr. B. L. Von 
Jarchow, Racine. His program 
embodies the following: 
1. Complete the    School Chil- 
   dren's Forest and see to it 
   that each county is repre- 
   sented with at least one acre 
   of trees. 
2. Support all efforts in the leg- 
   islature which further sound 
   conservation and appoint a 
   liaison official of the Federa- 
   tion for that purpose. 
3. Cooperate in the effort be- 
   ing made now     to improve 
   text books of conservation 
   for children. The   National 
   Council is asking that each 
   club raise a fund of $5.00 for 
   this purpose. Presentation of 
   this fund is to be a feature of 
   the banquet program (luring 
   the annual convention. 
4. Protect the great blue heron 
   completely by legislation. 
5. Protect all predatory birds by 
   proper legislation. 
6. Join the National Emergency 
   Conservation Committee. 
7. Secure and distribute wild life 
   stamps directly to the garden 
   Miss  Merle  Rasmussen, as 
chairman of Horticulture has a 
new plan this year. In several 
sections of the state there are 
to  be  demonstration   gardens 
with plantings of materials list- 
ed on the plant testing sheets. 
Each club should see to it that 
every plant listed is tested in 
that locality. The degree of hor- 
ticultural excellence attained will 
be evident in the flower shows 
sponsored by the federation. 
  Mrs. Chester Thomas, Chair- 
man of Garden Centers has a 
list of suggestions which will ap- 
pear in the March issue of Hor- 
  Mrs. Max     Schmitt, Junior 
Chairman will have short articles 
each month in Horticulture giv- 
ing suggestions for the follow- 
ing month's activities. 
  Mrs. Clarence Schultz, Legis- 
lation Chairman and Mrs. Ray 
Sewell, Historian, are planning 
a year of study and research. 
They will welcome your assist- 
ance and suggestions. 
  Mrs. H. H. Persons, Chairman 
of Organization and Membership 
and Mrs. Newell S. Boardman, 
Chairman of Publicity are work- 
ing together to publicize the 
work of the federation and in- 
terest people in organizing new 
clubs. Mrs. Boardman is espe- 
cially anxious to have copies of 
talks or papers on garden sub- 
jects which might be published 
in state papers. 
  Mrs. E. R. Durgin, visiting 
Garden Chairman, plans to list 
only those gardens for out of 
state visitors which are kept by 
professional gardeners and are 
therefore ready for inspection at 
all times. Wisconsin people are 
asked to contact the president of 
the local club when planning a 
garden tour so that only those 
gardens which are at their best 
will be included. 
  The judging schools this year 
are to be planned by the districts 
and it is hoped their budgets will 
be enhanced thereby. 
  Mrs. R. C. Klussendorf, Pro- 
gram and Bulletin Chairman, is 
adapting the Wisconsin program 
to national ideals, keeping in 
mind the use of native plant ma- 
 Cabling-Cavity Treatment 
 Removals-Large Tree Moving 
 Complete Insurance Coverage 
        Lakeside 2907 
Wisconsin Tree Service 
2335 N. Murray Ave. Milwaukee 
February, 1940 

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