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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 3: November, 1910,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.5 MB)

Page 9

tective league. "It has been demon- 
strated that this is a great fruit grow- 
ing region but the farmers will never 
he able to make a success of it as 
long as rabbits are allowed to over- 
run the country. I wouldn't go so far 
as having the state put a bounty onr 
the pests but the county can take 
(,are of that if tihe hunters do not 
extermninate   the   ralibbi Is rapidly 
            MORE RABBIT 
  We believe in rabbits,--stewed or 
roasted, and it is with great pleasure 
that we give herewith some very ex- 
cellhnt recipes by Mrs.. L.It. lalhner, 
fir preparing the little devils for the 
table. Get your grln, quick! 
           ROASTED RABITr. 
  Dress carefully, taking care to rc- 
move the small, white kernels from 
beneath the forearm, as they impart 
an unpleasant flavor to the meat. lay 
the rabbit in slightly salted water for 
hallf hour. P)repare a rich ilressing 
,f bread crumnls well seasoned with 
butter, salt, pepper, sage and a little 
minced onion; add half a cup of milk 
to moisted the bread. Wipe tlie rab- 
lit dry, lay in roaster, fill with dress- 
ing an(l dust lightly with salt. pIp- 
per and celery sa1i. Roast till tin- 
dier; garnish   with  ((lery-tips arid 
serve with apple sauce, maade by slic- 
ing tart apples into a rich sugar syrup 
and cooking till clear. 
            STEWED RABBIFr. 
  Dress the rabbit carefully, remov- 
ing the small, white kernels from be- 
iieath the forearm, as they impart an 
unpleasant flavor to the meat. Cut 
in pieces and lay in slightly salted 
water for half hour. P)lace in stew 
Ian two clips water, a piece of buttet 
'le size of air egg, bring to a boil 
1nd drop in the pieces of rabbit, cov- 
'ring closely, and cook gently till 
render, when salt and pepper should 
i, added and tIre mreat .ailowed to 
iook down till nearlv all tih water is 
'ooked out, leavint, the rielness in 
lie meat. (Garnrish with thin slices 
,f steweil carrot, and serve wNith rich 
laim sauce miarde from native plhllis. 
  Rabbits, if yiring, should be fried. 
  tress carefully, always remioving the 
small, white kernels just beneath the 
forearm, as they    impart a strong 
flavor toa tIre rmeat. Cut the rabbit 
in pieces and lay in cold water for 
it half hour. Place in the frying pan 
two tablespoonfuls of butter, or half 
hut ter and half lard; when hot, wipe 
the pieces of rirbl,t dry, lay in the 
hlot fat, cover closely rin( draw   to 
oiire side iif the range.   Turn fre- 
quently, that all parts may lie well 
ciiooked, rerioivilng the cover j.ust be- 
fore taking off. to insure lhe mimeat 
being niicely browned. (Garnishl with 
briglit red eubls of app ile, a nil serve 
with tart apple sliced and fried to a 
delicate brown iin hutter.   Just lie- 
fore servinrg. ,urst meat lightly with 
salt andi tirplier. 
                Mits.. r,. 1. Pi.ALMEiR. 
  We were very liniuct plolased with 
the initial rrirrrlber Of WrISC.ONSIN 1hR- 
TICerI.TrIrE. If tihe first riuimiber is :iny 
iiicatioini of its fitiure it will pruve 
if greart Valule ill fuirtiring li( bor- 
iircl ural interi-sfs of the state. 
  Tille ()slikis siciety hins horen rll(ht- 
ing its ruietirgs during tire slirrrnrer 
iolirtls, lit tre  hIonies  of  its  nieribiers. 
Mfr. P1iillitrson entertained tire scii- 
ety for the September nert ing. 1 Ic 
rmade it Btrie display of flowers arid 
v'egetables fur tih occasion. 
  We are sorry to report lire loiss Of 
our seeretary, Mr. Warr1 B. Davis. 
who has gone toi Laneaster, ('al.. to 
  Mr. Sperbeck acted as judge of the 
fruit at the Mcllcnry County Fair 
lit Woodstock, Ill. 
  Mr. C. lPtiilliisorn trad charge of 
the tiorticultural lepirtitiert at the 
Winneblago ('iirllrty Fair. 
  \VlWile' tire past seasoin has not bleen 
a favorarle rice for tomniatoes, our lo- 
eal variety, the 1lrucksta:1, fllas givell 
excellent satiisfuaet ioni. 
  White Spine and Long Green er- 
cirrirlers seeir to lie lire favorite vari- 
ties foir tire ftmily  rickle trade ill 
iris vierlritly. 
  Davis Wuix has piroiverlii lie it line 
calrhy t* iv   l' I-iii.  lhiilsiin  is  rille,  tiii. 
bult mnlich) Lih~r. 
  l oiie excellent iniloS have 1en 
riarketell ill qstite of tlie  ildirghft. 
(lernt, )sage arnu Iloney D)ew are the 
leading varieties.       SECRET'ARIY. 
             M ANTITO\VW(C. 
  Tie folliwing is a synopsis of Mr. 
lBinghirini's diseiision oai Appl~e Cul- 
ture lit oiue of oir nieetings, last year: 
  Mr. 3inghiaig saidi that ''Commer- 
Vial Orchards in thiis state were a sure- 
Ves irtilld cuihl ie a silrri ss in Mani- 
IOivwie (1 oritv if proper care   wa4 
givell thil trees. Ile idvoiltuiatil lrlnrieh- 
irig rs'  <s-'rrtill  r1l iriost  if all spiray- 
irg wiithl tie lhorieaux Mixtinre. This 
spraying slrouhl b lie giglir is silil as 
I Ire bllissoi opieilrr, whicn saitiiud be 
thriroughi. shiifting to tire siule of tfie 
trees fromrvi wlrllh lhe winld carle if 
tire winril hd :r itrhrr'lruriie it timres. 
Sqpraryirig norbld I i priufitaily (ihiire at 
least fourl' tfilies ilrlnrirg Ili(r season, 
mVen if thie fruit shiowed signs of the 
riixture this w()it(l generally ensure 
r'ilrrliplte surIci(,ss. 
  Hle ]uiri stress oil proiper ptrining 
arnri renirrriende(i iii\ wriml)r mll'whichr 
wmouildl tirierit arehrsrs lhlirers front 
injuring  t ries ill rioiri iarses naul 
w\rouur lie enisY pickirig. lie recoin- 
riierrihql tie red1 appile as the best 
sellers, alihough thlere were sueh as 
tie Tolran sweets whicih were good. 
Others recommendled for conmiercial 
turiroses were tIe McIntosh, Snow, 
\Wealtthy, )rldley, rand tlourglrt it pos- 
siblo to make a success of tire Duchless 
ii rruii(rrrllt of hiring rible tor plaunt 
rnoro trees to tite acre, even if the 
price were buut $1.50 anu( otirers were 
$3.00i per barrel. 
       to. W. MErSNEST.     Secretary. 
               ALcWOM A. 
  lH, Ai'lgorrirra ,eirty Irehll its regii- 
air  meeting tit (Grange    Hall, two 
miies west of Osirkosli. tire evirli rig 
of October 11. Twenty people were 
present; we hlad a pleasant family 
visit. Also an interesting diseussion 
rihuout liii new Iuliieation. WiĆ½sco-sry 
Iomrrer rLT RiE. We had our reirular 
lunclh of coffoo, liiscuit rind cake. 
  The lrlectirig  aljouiril to rie(rt 
agaill itir second Tuoeesiuy in Nivrrll- 
her.   WVoot till      bea hicuir from tire 
shukoshu souii't.v, l i(n  'ili Y rill think 
hiat i'irythiirir' is niil ias quiet as it 
llrighut  be  Orhiri 1  Fox  tilrt ellituil S 
ito eeaeutiful L.:ike \Vinrirebago. 
   You rs respectfully, .1. R. NoYEs. 
   Only On1e Oshkosh. 
November 1910 

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