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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 7,   pp. [145]-168 PDF (9.3 MB)

Page 166

_6                         ICNT AMR N
FrAx Coroox-The right of using Clanasen's
nethod of preparing flax, has been purchased by
parties in eight different states, Ind much atten-
tion is being given to the growth of flax. Mr.
Ellsworth, formerly of the patent office in WVash-
ngton, and now resident in the Wabash valley of
ndiana, has sown five hundred acres with flax-
ieed; and Col. Baker of Illinois, is largely en-
aged both in the cultivation and preparation of
the plant.                       [Exchange.
GoosEBERaY Pie.-Pick and wash the gooseber-
ries, and stew them in just enough water to pre-
vent their burning; when tender, and while hot,
sweeten them with sugar, and let them stand un-
til they become cold; then pour them into pie
lishes lined with paste, dredge flour, and grate
nutmeg upon them, cover them with some
paste, wet and pinch together the edges of the
pastes, cut a slit in the center of the cover through
which the steram may escape, and bak  20 noun-
How ro CArca A SNzzSp.-In catching a sheep,
never beim them by the wool on the back, as it
hurts them exceedingly, and has, in some cases,
been known to kill them, particularly in hot weath-
er, if they are large and fat. Indeed, the best way
is to avoid the wool altogether. and to accustom
yourself to take them by the hind leg, or, what is
still better, by the neck, placing one hand under
the jaw, and the other at the back of the ears: by
lifting up the head, a child may hold almost any
  He that riseth late must trot all day, and shall
scarce overtake his business at night.
  Laziness grows on people; it begins in cobwebs
and ends in iron chains. The more business a
man has to do the more he is able to accomplish;
for he learns to economise his time.
  The Family Visitor has been inadvertently
overlooked or we should have spoken of its improv-
ed appearance before. A new volume is just com-
menced, with enlarged pages and a splended en-
graved head. It is an excellent journal: deserving
a wide circulation. It is a Literary, Scientific and
Agricultural paper, ably edited by M. C. Read
assisted by the contributions of talented scientific.
. Its viusis will have an improving influence
Qillhiikly circle. Published weekly at Cleve-
I     | Hudson, Ohio, by Sawyer, Ingersoll &
              per annum in advanceto single sub-
scribers 8 copies for $10.00  17 copies for $20,0O
  The Dodge County Democrat. No. 1, VoL 1, i
on our table. It looks well, and we have no doubl
will be well supported. R. B. WzxsrwoitT, Ed.
itor and Publisheia, Juneau.
  The Rock River Democrat, a new weekly papei
just started in Rockford, Ill, by Benjamin Holt
Its appearnce is neat We wish it sueces.
  The German Paper, recently started in Racine,
has been removed to Oshkosh.
  UNION OF PAPERS IN MADisoN.-The Argus nid
Democrat have been united and appear under the
above title. Also the Statesman and Express are
united in the Palladium.
  Our limited space forbids more than a passing
acknowledgement of numerous exchanges of merit.
Several notices of periodical publications being
unavoidably crowded out uf this No. of the Far-
mer. We trust our friends will accept our apolo.
  The Horticulturist for June, interesting and in-
structive as ever is on our table.
  The Western Horticultural Review for June, is
received. Western Agriculturists and Horticul.
turists should pltronize it. The Ohio Farmer &
Mechanic's Assistant is occasionally received.-
More frequent visits from so good a paper would
be acceptable.
  Tnr FAMILY CIRCLx.-This exceedingly nealt
magazine, improves with age and fully sustains its
formnv character. The embellishments in the cur-
rent vol. are superior to those of any preceding
volume, and form a very attractive feature in the
work. It is published in New York byJ.G.Reed
-Terms, 81.00 per year.
   FREE FERRY. - The citizens of Prairie do
 Chien have established a free Ferry across the
 Mississippi at that point. This is a praiseworthy
 move; one which, we doubt not, will secure to that
 route a great accession of eastern emigration des.
 tined for Northern Iowa and also facilitate trade
 between the opposite sides of the river.
   COAL DISCOVERED.-The Lake RuperiorJournal
 says an extensive coal bed had been discovered in
 the vicinity of L'Ance Bay, and in the immediate
 vicinity of extensive ironamines. This is an im-
 portant discovery which Cannot but add to tie
 wealth and business of that commnunity.
   NEw PoTATozs.-Our thanks are due Mr. CE.
 Hoyt of Emerald Grove for a basket of fine larg
 new potatoes, presented us from his farmn-tlI
 first we have seen or heard of in these I diggiut
 They don't eat bad after being confined to Old
 II Fogies" for some weeks at a dollar a buielb
 If any one can beat Mr. H. on raising nnwr pon
 toes we would like to know it-that we Would!!
   Inpaovro STroc.-Mr. A. P.Lyman has recelt
 ly brought into the County, a full blooded pen
I on bull and cow, and a full blooded Durham ba
end cow, bred by Mr. R. H. Van Rensalor and I
  Roche, of Morris, Otsego Co., N. Y. He has
  received a pair of Leicestershire, and a pair
  Southdow. sheep, fall bloods. We have seen the
* stock. and we venture to sy it is by far the be
  in the stat. Mr. L. pent some daysis ienc'

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