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Wisconsin Dairy Herd Improvement Association, et al. / Wisconsin D.H.I.A. record
Vol. IV (1937)

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The publication of this volume of the Wisconsin D.H.I.A.
Record (previously the Yearbook) has been made possible by the
splendid cooperation of association fieldmen who have made cur-
rent identification and lactation production reports from a total of
121 associations for the period June 1st, 1936 to May 31st, 1937.
Since the permanent filing of eartag identification and production
records was begun in 1934, 49,964 animals have been identified and
production information has been recorded on 45,400 cows and on
the daughters of 5698 sires.
During the twelve months (from June 1936 to the end of May
1937) covered by this bulletin, a total of 24077 lactation records
providing progeny test information has been accumulated on the
daughters of 287 new sires; 212 bulls (8 Brown Swiss, 47 Guern-
seys, 148 Holsteins, 7 Jerseys, and 2 Milking Shorthorns) had five
or more tested daughters from tested dams, while 75 other sires
had ten or more tested daughters but less than five from tested
dams. This publication also gives information on 333 outstanding
brood cows, and on 840 herds now in at least their third consecu-
tive year of a herd testing program. All of the records of all of
the cows in such herds have been used to estimate the average
level of production of such units. It is to be hoped that the loca-
tion of superior brood cow families and of promising sires in
herds on a continuous testing program may do much to get the
proper distribution and dissemination of good dairy stock among
the dairy herds of this state. Safeguards must be set up to en-
courage the dairy cattle breeder to check his own farm manage-
ment and testing program against that of farms from which he
may select breeding stock for his own herd.
The Farm and Dairy Records Office of the Wisconsin College
is at the present time making available to association members
and other dairymen a permanent file of breeding information, a
pedigree on each herd sire in a dairy herd improvement associa-
tion herd, a live breeding list of proved and promising dairy sires,
and, in addition, every attempt will be made to assist county agri-
cultural agents, instructors of vocational agriculture and associa-
tion members to locate dairy animals of apparent breeding worth.
During the past year the system of permanent recording of
identification and production records for animals in D.H.IA tested
herds has been adopted on a national scale, the central filing agency
being the Division of Dairy Herd Improvement Investigations,
Bureau of Dairy Industry. Beginning with June 1937, all identi-
fication and production records have been reported to the Bureau
on their forms. The preparation of the 1938 Volume of the Record
will be based upon production records reported for the period
May 1937 to July 1, 1938, for all association cows that have fin-
ished the first 305 days of their lactation period. Wisconsin's 140
dairy herd improvement associations are now cooperating with
the Bureau of Dairy Industry, in the establishment of the most
comprehensive dairy cattle improvement program ever inaugu-

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