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Barish, Lawrence S.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / State of Wisconsin 1991-1992 Blue Book

Wisconsin political parties,   pp. [833]-868 PDF (16.1 MB)

Page 868

868                           WISCONSIN BLUE BOOK             1991-1992
retraining and re-employment programs must enjoy a high priority given the
increasingly rapid changes in the
  Republicans are committed to preserving the soundness and equity of Wisconsin's
Unemployment and
Workers Compensation systems. These programs provide our working men and
women, and their families,
necessary secunty and support when they are injured or subjected to lay-offs.
We urge that the current Advi-
sory Council process, whereby labor and management representatives agree
upon recommended revisions to
these systems, be retained as a fair and nonpartisan method of responding
to the changing needs of business
and labor.
                           TECHNOLOGY FOR WISCONSIN'S FUTURE
  Republicans call upon our political leaders to create an environment that
stimulates technological progress
for Wisconsin's farms and businesses. Our great University System, well educated
citizenry and diverse econ-
omy give Wisconsin an opportunity to become a technological leader in all
fields, as is presently occurring in
biotechnology. To achieve this end we must become thoughtful, responsible
stewards of technological ad-
vances._Republicans reject the headline grabbing, short sighted and anti-technology
rhetoric engaged in by
many Democrat legislators in the recent debate over bovine growth hormone.
  We believe that Wisconsin must encourage advances in communications technology
that will allow even
remote areas of the state to enter the mainstream of 21st Century commerce.
We support the corridors 2020
Program, the ITFS satellite educational system and the exploration of high
speed rail service, all as means of
allowing Wisconsin citizens to share their goods and services, and ideas
and'information, with the world at

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