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Barish, Lawrence S.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / State of Wisconsin 1991-1992 Blue Book

Wisconsin political parties,   pp. [833]-868 PDF (16.1 MB)

Page 866

  Wisconsin Republicans acknowledge the complexities and deeply held convictions
that surround the troub-
ling issue of abortion. We, like Americans at large, encompass a great diversity
of views on this issue.
  As a party, however, Republicans decry the conditions in contemporary society
that have swelled the
number of abortions performed. We support the fostering of responsible attitudes
toward sexuality and the
promotion of self-esteem and goal setting among teens. We also endorse efforts
to ensure proper medical care
and support for infants and pregnant women in need and to promote adoption
as an alternative.
   Republicans believe that in the vast majority of cases, a minor faced
with the physical and emotional im-
pacts of a problem pregnancy will benefit from the support and counsel of
her parents. The Republican Party
of Wisconsin strongly endorses enactment in our state of a law requiring,
whenever feasible, the consent of at
least one parent prior to a minor obtaining an abortion.
                                            HEALTH CARE
  The Republican Party of Wisconsin acknowledges that all Wisconsin citizens
deserve access to quality
health care. We recognize, however, that solving the problem of health care
for the uninsured is a complex and
multifaceted undertaking. We urge our policy makers to work as partners with
health care providers, insurers
and employers in developing programs to improve access to health care for
all segments of the uninsured
  Republicans support the development of a basic benefits insurance package
which our state's small busi-
nesses can afford to make available to their employees. We endorse the concept
of health insurance tax credits
and incentives for small businesses and the self-employed.
  Republicans recognize the central role that health care providers and facilities
play in maintaining the quali-
ty of life and economic vitality of our rural communities. We support policies
and programs that will attract
medical professionals to and retain them in the rural areas of our state.
"We urge the Wisconsin Congressional
delegation to fight for changes in existing medicare policies which discriminate
against rural hospitals and care
  Finally, we pledge our support to those struggling with mental illness.
We recognize that mental illness is a
condition much like other acute and chronic p-Vsical illnesses in that it
needs early diagnosis and treatment.
We believe that such diagnosis and treatment should be done without stigma
and in the most appropriate
  Republicans applaud the leadership of Governor Thompson and Attorney General
Hanaway in devising
and implementing strategies to rid our state of the scourge of drugs and
other criminal activities. We support
continued efforts to improve the working of our criminal justice system by
enacting enforceable laws dealing
with obscenity and drug paraphernalia and by restricting the ability of defendants
to substitute judges without
  Republicans recognize that our efforts to improve the enforcement and prosecution
of drug and other crimi-
nal laws cannot succeed if the critical neck in the funnel of our criminal
justice system is ignored: the trial
courts of our state. We support efforts to increase the effectiveness of
Wisconsin's 21-0 circuit judges by provid-
ing to them, at state expense, sufficient clerical and legal research support
to promptly and efficiently resolve
the cases before them.
  The Republican Party of Wisconson notes with concern that our state has
virtually become an island in the
sea of civil justice reforms that have been enacted in most other states
of the Union. Absent these reforms,
Wisconsin citizens risk being deprived of valuable goods and services, face
the possible loss of jobs and devel-
opment, and may forfeit the ability to obtain affordable liability insurace.
  While we remain committed to preserving the strengths and traditions of
the jury system, Republicans
support reforms that will provide greater certainty and fairness to civil
litigants. We reject the Democrats'
approach of granting piecemeal immunities while stymieing all discussion
of more thoroughgoing reforms to
our laws regarding joint and several liability, punitive and non-economic
                                   WORKFARE AND LEARNFARE
  Republicans believe that it is not punitive, but compassionate to design
assistance programs that ive peo-
ple the skills to rise above those programs whenever possible. hy coupling
social responsibility with needed
support, Workfare and Learnfare recognize the dignity of our citizens in
need by empowering them to become
proud and contributing members of society. We support continued initiatives
to redirect the incentives of our
welfare system away from dependency and toward self sufficiency.
  Republicans believe that one measure of the civic morality of a society
lies in its treatment of the veterans of
its wars and conflicts. Moreover, Republicans understand that our future
ability to obtain volunteers who will
answer the call to service in our Armed Forces rests in part on how we treat
those who have already served.
  We pledge to maintain and strengthen Wisconsin's fine veterans home loan,
educational grant and related
programs. And, in recognition of thie fact that military service delays or
interrupts civilian career progression,
we stand solidly behind the efforts to enhance our state's veterans employment
preference provisions.
                                     COMMUNITY AIDS EQUITY
  We commend the recent efforts by Republican legislators to focus attention
on the "compassion gap" of
chronic state under-funding for human service programs in some forty Wisconsin
counties while a politically
powerful few fared much better. Now that this inequity has been diminished,
Republicans are committed to
preserving a system of aid distribution that recognizes the needs of our
senior citizens, abused and neglected
children, the developmentally disabled and the mentally ill, regardless of
where they happen to reside.
                                          SENIOR CITIZENS
  As the architects of the prosperity we enjoy today our parents and grandparents
deserve attention and
respect. Republicans seek to ensure that quality and affordable health care
is available for all senior citizens in

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