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Barish, Lawrence S.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / State of Wisconsin 1991-1992 Blue Book

Wisconsin political parties,   pp. [833]-868 PDF (16.1 MB)

Page 863

                      Adopted at the State Party Convention, June 2, 1990,
     "Today, as we stand inside the threshold of the decade of the 90s
we've not only weathered the storm of
     the 80s, we've succeeded in rebuilding our state's economy andfuture
potential, and we've done it in
     historic fashion."Governor Tommy Thompson
State of the State Address
     "And so today a new chapter begins: a small and stately story of
unity, diversity, and generosity, shared
     and written together."
    President George Bush
       Inaugural Address
  The Republican Party of Wisconsin in 1990 stands proud and strong. We share
common beliefs, values and
a vision for the future that allow us to stride confidently into a new decade
even as we prepare to meet the
challenges of a new century.
  Wisconsin Republicans share with Republicans everywhere the central belief
that our collective well being
as a people is but the sum of the happiness and prosperity attained by each
of our citizens. We believe that the
chief end of government must be to maximize each individual's opportunity
to share in the spiritual freedom
and materia-bounty of our state, our nation, and our world.
  We believe that individual initiative and private enterprise are the surest
engines to drive our economy
toward producing the optimum in both private and public prosperity. We are
thus proud to have been a part
of the "Thompson Revival" of the Wisconsin economy.
  Wisconsin Republicans acknowledge the exemplary political traditions and
heritage of our great state em-
bodied by its motto, "Forward"..We embrace the expectations of
Wisconsin citizens that their elected officials
maintain our state's excellent quality of life and public services. We also
join with all citizens of Wisconsin in
demanding that our government operate in an open, fair, and forthright manner.
   Mindful of our past, driven by our vision for the future, the Republican
Party of Wisconsin stands ready to
lead our great state through this new decade and into the 21 st Century.
The platform of the Republican Party
of Wisconsin is a positive action plan, an empowerment agenda for all Wisconsin
Citizens. Proud to serve,
ready to lead, we offer a platform rooted in reform, committed to caring,
and alive with ideas.
                              OUR WISCONSIN GOVERNMENT
   Republicans rejoice in the long way Wisconsin has come in the last four
years under the leadership of
Governor Tommy Thompson anffLieutenant Governor Scott McCallum. Gone are
the days when billboards
proclaimed "Would the last business out of Wisconsin please turn out
the lights?" Today, employment is at a
record high. With the creation of over 200,000 new jobs, our unemployment
rate has stayed betow the national
average for 26 consecutive months.
  Our statewide business climate rating has climbed from 35th in the nation
to 8th. In the process, 45,000
citizens have left the welfare rolls for jobs and schools. Lieutenant Governor
McCallum's child care initiatives
and his leadership on small business issues have been of particular value
in enhancing our state's business and
workplace environment.
  When Governor Thompson took office, our state faced a deficit. Today, we
have a budget surplus; and
we've done it without raising taxes. The magnitude of this accomplishment
is underscored-by the fact that
some twenty other states around the nation are presently facing delicits
and tax increases.
   Republicans share the Governor's pride in the environmentalprograms implemented
under his administra-
tion. The purchase of the Chippewa Flowage, the initiation a fthe Ice Age
Trail matching rant program, the
adoption of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway Plan and the creation of the Stewardship
fund all provide a
strong foundation for Wisconsin to build upon. Through air and water quality
improvement measures and
Wisconsin's new recycling program, Republicans standready to assist Governor
Thompson in meeting the
challenge of cleaning up and preserving our state's environment.
  We applaud Governor Thompson's initiative to move state government around
Wisconsin to better hear the
concerns of all our citizens and to demonstrate his and our Party's commitment
to enhancing the quality of life
for everyone.
  The leadership of Governor Thompson and the resolve of legislative Republicans
in supporting his policies
have made Wisconsin come alive again. The Republican Party of Wisconsin pledges
its support to the initia-
tives of the Thompson Administration that have made Wisconsin once again'
The Star of the Snowbelt". We
commit ourselves to striving with Governor Thompson to achieve even greater
accomplishments over the next
four years.
                          THE HANAWAY RECORD: RESTORING TRUST
Attorney General Don Hanaway has restored the public's trust and confidence
to an office that had been
deprived3of both for too many years. He has earned the title of "Wisconsin's
Chief Law Enforcement Officer"
by devising the first statewide anti-crime plan and spearheading the launching
of the "Alliance for a Drug-Free
Wisconsin-' to mobilize local communities in the fight against drugs.
  In addition to aggressive law enforcement investigations and prosecution,
Don Hanaway has raised protec-
tion of Wisconsin consumers to a new level of action. His "Justice for
Senior Consumers" program is combat-
ting fraud against senior citizens. His major environmental victories include
a successful suit against ozone
pol ution from neighboring states which will result in cleaner air and stronger
economic development in south-
eastern Wisconsin.
  Together with Governor Thompson and Lieutenant Governor McCallum, Attorney
General Hanaway has
demonstrated what can be accomplished for our state by dedicated, activist
Republicans in executive offices.

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