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Toepel, M. G.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1962

Constitutional executive departments,   pp. [309]-342 PDF (9.6 MB)

Page 322

various high school and grade school supervisors (special and gen-
eral) carry out their jobs of visiting schools with a view to help-
ing local administrators and supervisors improve the quality of
   1. Besides the general supervisors, there are special supervisors
     in health, physical education and safety, in music and art,
     in library science, science and driver education, and mental
        Under National Defense Education Act special supervisors
     include one in mathematics, one in foreign language, 2 in
     guidance, and one in school management and statistics. Also,
     a new supervisor of audio-visual aids will shortly be ap-
   2. These supervisors also help the State Superintendent with
     information necessary for certain functions such  as the
     classification of school districts for aid purposes.
   3. Veterans Education. This assistant superintendent has also
     those responsibilities which relate to education in veterans'
  Assistant Superintendent, Indian Education, School District Re-
organization, Transportation.
   1. Indian Education. Administers federal funds made available
     to the state through contract with the State Department of
     Public Instruction for the payment of cost of education of
     children of one-quarter or more Indian blood who reside on
     tax-exempt lands.
  2. School District Reorganization. Administers the laws gov-
     erning the creation and alteration of public school districts.
  3. Transportation. Administers the laws governing the trans-
     portation of public school children.
  Assistant Superintendent, Administration.
  1. School Building Service. This division of the department is
     concerned with surveys of future building needs, selection
     of sites, functional planning of new buildings, and the im-
     proved utilization of present structures.
  2. Other Functions. Other functions are those connected with
     special federal school building aids in federally affected
     areas; school lunch; surplus property; and the supervision
     and administration of the department budget.
  Assistant Superintendent, Special Education.
  1. Bureau for Handicapped Children. This division of the de-
     partment is known as the Bureau for Handicapped Children.
     As the-name suggests, the work centers about children with
     physical (crippled children's division), visual, and mental
     handicaps and speech and hearing handicaps. The bureau's
     activity is concerned with helping school districts in the lo-
     cation, appraisal, education, and in some cases, treatment of
     handicapped children.

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