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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1958

The state government: administrative branch,   pp. [323]-484 PDF (46.9 MB)

Page 353

Wisconsin had a series of agencies dealing with various aspects of
conservation. A Board of Fish Commissioners was established in
1874. Game wardens and fish wardens were appointed by the
Governor in 1887. A Department of Forestry was organized in
1887. All these agencies underwent reorganization and change of
name in succeeding years. A State Park Board was created in 1907.
In 1915 a Conservation Commission of 3 paid members assumed
the functions of the Commissioners of Fisheries, Fish and Game
Warden Department, Board of Forestry and the Park Board. It was
succeeded in 1923 by a single full-time Conservation Commissioner.
   The conservation act of 1927 provided for an unpaid Conservation
Commission with 6 members appointed by the Governor for terms
of 6 years. This commission was charged with responsibility for
carrying out the purposes of the act, stated in section 23.09 of
the statutes "to provide an adequate and flexible system for the
protection, development and use of forests, fish and game, lakes,
streams, plant life, flowers and other outdoor resources of the
state of Wisconsin." The commission was, and is still, authorized
to make such rules and regulations, inaugurate such studies, in-
vestigations and surveys, and establish such services as it may deem
necessary to redeem its responsibilities.
   Policies of the commission are executed by the director who is
the administrative head of the Conservation Department. At pres-
ent 2 assistant directors (one of them the chief state forester) aid
the director in administration of the department and its program.
Also attached to the administration division is a personnel and ad-
ministrative officer and a legal counsel.
   Although Wisconsin conservation organization basically has been
 unchanged since 1927, there has been at least one noteworthy de-
 velopment concerned with the establishment of citizen advisory
 groups: first, the Conservation Congress which is interested in sport
 fishing and game regulation; and more recently the Great Lakes
 Commercial Fishery Advisory Committee, the Forestry Advisory
 Committee, the Research Advisory Committee and a temporary
 Recreational Industry Advisory Committee.
                    Forest Management Division
   This division is responsible for technical forestry advice and as-
 sistance, state-wide forest pest control, forest inventory and admin-
 istration of the Forest Crop and Woodland Tax Laws. Forest man-
 agement assistance is given to other divisions of the department
 in the management of department lands and other publicly-owned
   1. Plans and prepares annual and long-range forest management
      programs for timber sales, tree planting, cultural operations,
      road construction, land surveying, insect and disease control

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