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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1958

The state government: administrative branch,   pp. [323]-484 PDF (46.9 MB)

Page 345

  7. Prescribe the forms of accounts and other financial records to
     be used by all departments.
  8. Prepare at the end of each fiscal year not later than October 15,
     a condensed and popular account of the finances of the state,
     showing the sources of the state's revenue and the purposes of
     its expenditures, including a comparison with the prior year.
  9. Prepare at the end of each fiscal year not later than October 15,
     a statement of the condition of the general fund, showing the
     cash balance, the accounts receivable, the accounts payable, and
     the continuing unexpended and unencumbered appropriation
     balances on June 30.
 10. Prepare biennial Wisconsin state budget report.
 11. Allot, quarterly, departmental requests for appropriation ex-
                       Functional Divisions
  The duties and functions of the Department of Budget and Ac-
counts are performed within 4 major divisions of the department as
General Administration Division. The general administration divi-
sion is primarily concerned with policy matters connected with
interpretations of fiscal laws enacted by the legislature. Hearings
of the Governor and the Joint Finance Committee on the budget are
attended by the director to furnish financial information on the
operations of state government. The director attends meetings of
the Emergency Board, and he is a member of the Investment Board,
the State Building Commission, the Small Claims Commission and
the Civil Service Advisory Committee.
   This division is responsible for:
   1. State revenue estimates and revenue research.
   2. Supervision of the Annual Fiscal Report.
   3. Supervision of the Biennial State Budget.
   4. Preparation of special fiscal reports and analyses.
   5. Preparation and drafting of the budget bills for the legislature.
   6. General surveys of accounting and budgetary techniques.
   7. Supervision, co-ordination and direction of all other divisions.
   8. Consultative services to other state agencies on fiscal affairs.
   9. Furnishing fiscal information to the Governor, the members
      of the legislature, the press and the general public.
Budget Analysis Division. This division is responsible for:
   1. Detailed analysis of departmental budget requests.
   2. Fiscal evaluation of bills referred to Joint Committee on
   3. Inspection and approval of departmental purchase requisitions.
   4. Analysis of departmental allotment requests.
   5. Approval of departmental requests for new personnel.
   6. Internal management surveys of state agencies.

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