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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1958

The state government: administrative branch,   pp. [323]-484 PDF (46.9 MB)

Page 341

    secretary; RUDOLPH P. REGEZ, Monroe, counsel for board.
Secretary's address: State Capitol.
  The Board of State Bar Commissioners was organized in 1886.
Members of the board are appointed by the Supreme Court for terms
of 5 years and the clerk of the Supreme Court is ex officio secre-
tary of the board. The Supreme Court supervises all activities
of the board. The latter examines applicants for admission to the
bar, qualifications for which are partly prescribed by statute and
partly by rules and regulations of the Supreme Court. The board also
investigates complaints of misconduct on the part of licensed attor-
neys. Causes for disbarment, suspension, or other disciplinary ac-
tions are set forth in the statutes and Canons of Professional Ethics
of the American Bar Association. Discipline may be imposed only
by the Supreme Court, after hearing on complaint filed by the board.
Applications for reinstatement to the bar are investigated by the
board and recommendations filed with the Supreme Court.
   1. Examines qualifications of applicants for admission to the bar
     upon bar examination.
   2. Prepares, conducts and grades annual bar examinations.
   3. Issues certificates to persons entitled to admission to bar upon
   4. Investigates complaints of professional misconduct against
     licensed attorneys.
   5. Files complaints and prosecutes disciplinary actions in Supreme
   6. Investigates and makes recommendations to Supreme Court on
      applications for reinstatement to the bar.
Members: GEORGE G. TOWN, president; W. H. BARBER, secretary; B. H.
Office of Secretary: 621 Ransom St., Ripon.
Publications: Information and Suggestions, 1955.
   This board was established by the 1925 Legislature and was the
first of its kind in the United States. It consists of 3 members, ap-
pointed by the Governor, confirmed by the senate and holding office
for 6 years. The law states that no person shall treat or attempt to
treat the sick unless he has a certificate of registration in the basic
sciences, which are anatomy, physiology, pathology and physical
diagnosis. The State Board of Medical Examiners, State Board of
Dental Examiners and the State Board of Examiners in Chiropractic
shall not admit to their examinations or license or register any appli-
cant unless he first presents a certificate of registration in the basic

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