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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1958

The state government: administrative branch,   pp. [323]-484 PDF (46.9 MB)

Page 333

   3. General trade and business practice activities.
      a. Administration of Wisconsin's trading stamp law. The law
         requires that all trading stamps used in this state have a
         stated cash value and be redeemable in cash only.
      b. Administration of Wisconsin's fraudulent advertising law.
         This law has the purpose of promoting truthful, ethical ad-
      c. Administration of Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act, or antiloss
         leader law. This statute provides for a minimum markup of
         6% at retail and 2% at wholesale on all merchandise sold
         in the state.
      d. Conduct certain trade practice and price investigations as
Fairs Division. The work of this division is twofold - first, to ad-
minister the Wisconsin State Fair and second, to supervise the activi-
ties of the county and district fairs conducted throughout the state
as a prerequisite to the distribution of state aid appropriated by the
   1. The primary purposes of the State Fair are:
      a. To provide a show window for Wisconsin agriculture, busi-
         ness, industry and labor.
      b. Promote Wisconsin agriculture.
      c. Introduce better farm methods and practices.
      d. Provide worthwhile educational and cultural features.
      e. Present clean, wholesome recreation and entertainment.
      f. Provide a climax for rural and urban youth activity.
   2. The major work in connection with county and district fairs
      a. Approval of all premium lists.
      b. Auditing of claims for state aid.
      c. Furnishing advisory service.
Markets Division. Primarily a service division charged by statute
with the responsibility of helping to improve the marketing of farm
products. To do this, attempts are made to maintain close coopera-
tion with all marketing organizations and farm cooperatives. The
major services of this division include responsibility for:
  1. Development of improved methods of marketing all farm
  2. Helping to protect the farmers' interests at the market place.
  3. The promotion of Wisconsin products in all markets.
  4. Assistance to farm cooperatives on organization, reorganization
     and general operating procedures.
   5. Providing cooperative audits and milk audit service at cost.
   6. Providing immediate market news information for industry,
     television, radio and press.

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