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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1958

The state government: administrative branch,   pp. [323]-484 PDF (46.9 MB)

Page 330

                  The State Board of Agriculture
  The major function of the State Board of Agriculture is to serve
as an advisory and policy-making body. At regular monthly meet-
ings the members confer with the director, the division heads and
other department officials. Upon the counsel and advice of farm
leaders all over the state, careful consideration is given to all agri-
cultural problems. Formulation of department policies is based on
the grassroot thinking of Wisconsin farmers and the broad needs
of the state's great agricultural industry. Upon appeal to the depart-
ment further consideration may also be given to the decisions made
by the director and members of his staff.
  The board consists of 7 men appointed by the Governor and ap-
proved by the senate. The appointments are staggered and are made
for 6-year terms. The officers, a chairman, vice chairman and
secretary, are elected by the board for one-year terms.
                           The Director
   As provided in the statutes, the director is the administrative and
executive head of the department. In conference with the board he
selects and appoints division heads and, as department head, is the of-
ficial appointing authority in making all personnel assignments. The
director with his staff of assistants and his division chiefs is respon-
sible for administering all department functions. He represents the
department on state and federal matters and confers with the Gov-
ernor and other state officials, providing them with information and
details concerning all agricultural problems. He holds public hear-
ings and on the record there established, issues orders and regula-
tions, as provided by the statutes, which have the weight of law.
             Administration of Department Functions
Administrative Division. This division, under the director, deputy
director, division chief and administrative staff, serves as a central
and coordinating office for the entire department. Major functions
of this division include:
   1. The preparation and maintenance of department records.
   2. Negotiation of cooperative agreements with other state agencies
      and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
   3. The preparation and review of budgets and maintenance of all
      financial records.
   4. Preparation and coordination of information concerning depart-
      ment policies and functions.
   5. Handling of all licenses issued by the department.
   6. Departmental public relations.
   7. Issuing news releases and coordination of department participa-
      tion in radio and television.

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